Discussing :: when you wear bright colours you actually feel bright & cheerful.


Couldn't a agree more!


The last few days l have been wearing brighter clothes, l think it has something to do with the weather. Couple of beautiful days up north


I agree with this because if I feel good I generally wear a nice bright dress and jewellery. If I'm feeling down I want to wear trackies and hoodies!


Oh I still always accidently wear too much black! It's simply habitual more than anything I think. Though today I wore a greenish colour top to work and basically freaked everyone out as they weren't used to seeing me quite so bright. If I'm going to wear colour it tends to be on the weekends...I wonder what that says about my job and how it fits in with the 'bright = cheerful' theory hahaha!


Yeah, I actually think I look better in black :) I wear blue a lot, and occasionally red or pink, but I certainly get more compliments in black. I wish I looked good in colours. I like the idea of feeling happier :D


YES! I completely agree. I used to always wear black...but now I have a rule. Way less black and more colour..it definitely puts me in a better mood and its way more flattering.


definitely true after the morbid black clothed winter


oh yes, I so can relate to this thread! My entire wardrobe (well, work one, anyway) consists of clothes in varying shades of black, brown and grey. It got so depressing I went on a shopping trip and bought new tops in bright colours (hot pink, yellow and red mainly) Now I dont feel so bad wearing black bottoms because I have the colour going on upstairs! The first day I wore pink I had so many complimentary comments from workmates I actually felt really bad for being such an uncolourful person!!


SO TRUE being overweight and a NZer my wardrobe is full of black - how sad! This season I have made myself only buy colour - and how different I feel!


The last 2 years NZ has experienced some trendy bright fashionwear for all sizes in amazing styles and fabrics such as soft chiffon, silk etc which can be mixed with black or on it's own for any casual or formal occasion at an affordable price.

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