Discussing :: when you wear bright colours you actually feel bright & cheerful.


when you wear bright colours you actually feel bright & cheerful.

After years of wearing subdued colours & boring clothes so that I could hide in the crowd I have divested myself of my husband ,found my long lost mojo,painted my nails black,have a tatoo(little ) bit still & am wearing bright happy colours .Sixty is the new 30s ladies!!!


You go for it Gael!


Yes, after years of wearing black I now hate it and try to wear as much colour as possible. It's so much fun trying to find different combinations in your wardrobe and automatically ignoring the huge amount of black clothes in shops and honing in on the colourful ones.


So true! I was a miserable teenage goth and in my early 20s was obsessed with my weight so always wore "slimming" black. Now I am the fattest I've been in ages but I wear bright colours everyday and I am the happiest I have ever been.


I love bright colours! Green, Red and Pink are my favourites. I agree I think it does cheer you up and brighten your mood especially in the winter months, the brighter the better for me. I also love colourful accessories especially hair ones, flowery clips & headbands!


So true, for me -->when you wear bright colours you actually feel bright & cheerful<--


Have you noticed that people wear much more black and dark colours in winter but go for brighter and lighter colours in summer.... maybe this is the 'chicken and egg' effect for winter blues and summer highs!


Yes I love to wear bright florals in summer and I feel so good.Its sad to be an onlooker sitting on a bus and see all the ants wearing black or dull colours.Another thing is if you are walking you are harder to see too.I have a bright orange winter jacket and love to wear it for warmth and safety


Yup I always rock the bright clothing in summer. It brings out the summer feel and mood. Always rocking hippy designs over NY. Maxi dresses, big sunnies, all bright as. Makes me feel amazing!


Yay! Colour is AMAZING!!!!!! And with summer/spring colours coming out, I cannot wait for the warm weather!!!!!!!!!!


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