Discussing :: When should ladies know when to stop dressing to young


When should ladies know when to stop dressing to young

Far to many mature ladies are wearing to much make up and wearing clothes that there teen age daughters are wearing

Nothing worse than mutton dressed as lamb, there is no reason for women to try to dress young when a stylish mature woman will always look very chic


I think what you wear says a lot about you..I actaully admire women at any age that make an effort clothes make up ect.It means they take pride in themselves and their appearance.... Take for example Carmen Dell’Orefice the world’s oldest supermodel at a mere 81-years-old.She recently did a photo shoot with Peter Alexander she looked totally amazing and gorgeous...I really,really hope that at 81 I can look like her...and be dressing up to the nines


depends what they are trying to dress in if its very skimpy stuff for clubbing then late 40's would be the cut off for me but then there is the question of how young is too young for girls to dress the same


I think it really is a personal choice and a body issue.Many teen clothes are of a limited/smaller size and a mature form may not fit.Often a woman may collect classic style clothes which can look wonderful when mixed with the latest look in tops or bottom. The main thing about if it suits you or not is look at yourself from all angles as so many have no idea what they actually look like from behind.


It amazes me that some don't, a friend was deeply upset the other week because her 15 year old son told her that his friends remarks about her embarrassed him and upset him regarding her appearance, she thinks that if she dresses young the kids will bee more open with her and treat her like a mate but now he won't talk to her about anything, when he told is dad what happened he said,*, be proud mum wants .to look nice and trendy*.we've all been young now it's the kids turn to grow up and learnt and experiment with clothes and make up etc. But what can you expect when you see girls of a very young age wearing outrageous clothes and make up. Which responsible adult dressed them? The mum or someone wearing a similar outfit i suppose. Im not against looking nice but when you get older, you can use accesories can make a huge difference and taking pride in yourself.


when you know your skirt has turned into a belt! that is a sure clear sign right there


Should it ever be "dressing too young?" What is wrong with taste, style, flair and feeling good about yourself? So long as the "mutton dressed up as lamb" doesn't surface, then I think dressing is entirely an individual decision.


I do both. Haha. I figure sometimes my shorts are too short (though mostly around home) and sometimes I shop at Caroline Eve, and I'm the youngest person in there. But really, the ladies are so nice, and I don't think the clothes 'look' old when they are on someone younger. What the heck, I'd rather someone dress too old or too young than dress like a slob.


Somehow I get this question is about more than just clothes, it's the whole look, and yes, unfortunately not every "look "is going to work as the years go by... aka: skirt to belt (re: dee-dee). But as we know from the entertainment industry there are some foxy older ladies who bring classy to a whole different level without trying to be like the next youngest star-let. I think there are subtle lines that get drawn in the sand about appropriate clothes to age ...


I think that but who wants to start dressing like a grandma?!?! I've just turned 40 and I wear casual jeans and t-shirts still. I think it depends how young you act as well and feel inside!! I don't think people should dress the same as their kids tho that is wrong and the kids would hate it!!!

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