Discussing :: The key to the best skin you've ever had!!!


The key to the best skin you've ever had!!!

My best kept secret is simple, free and so long as you have the right technique, you could do this everyday, seeing results, looking younger and smoother day by day. If you comment ur email I will send you this secret regime....


Im quite happy with what I use. Olay moisturise cream morning and night. Its great!


Plenty of water, not getting to stressed, applying a good sun block and a good skin care regime works well for me


I agree that drinking water is a necessity for the skin and for bodily health but I also believe that moisturising facial skin several times a day with an SPF 15+ moisturiser, moisturise at night with a special night cream and using moisturising lotions all over our bodies is a must. I love all bee products especially manuka products for their wonderful health giving properties


I believe drinking Manuka Honey each day is a great help. Also clearing the system drinking warm water and lemon each morning. :-)


I am currently looking into this as I am in my 30's and having real skin issues all of a sudden.


I believe drinking plenty of water, eating fruit and veges and exercising. Also sunblock on face if in sun.. all this gives you great looking skin.


I have very dry skin - prone to eczema - especially in the eye area :(. My diet is okay - but even when I eat healthy my skin is usually tired and dull looking. In the past I have used coconut oil on my skin and it can do quite good things! You only need to apply a little bit - I also drink apple cider vinegar mixed in a 750ml water bottle every day! I've heard its great for skin/hair/nails & as a general tonic. Can anyone recommend a good night cream? At the moment I use sukin moisterising cream on my face - for sensitive skin. It smells yummy! I sometimes put paw paw cream on my face too and I swear by burt's bees lip balm (this and paw paw cream are the only products that don't leave my lips dry and inflamed - everything else brings my lips out in a rash!!!)


keep hydrated with enough water... my skin looks so good when I keep my fluids up (water)


My mum always said to me 'eventually your face will tell your life's story so make sure it has a happy ending, moisturise, moisturise, moisturise & drink gallons of water'. She was right you know xx

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