Discussing :: Teeth Whitening - just another emotional sell or really worthwhile?


Teeth Whitening, they are really wonders of science... and thank you for it helps the teeth whitens in a more cheaper ways... Cheers!


I worked at a dentist and had to have my teeth looking super good :) I got my teeth whitened using a take home pack where you put some paste into a tray and put it in your mouth over night, for three days. The difference was remarkable! However you have to remember if you have white fillings these arent going to change colour so if you have a few white fillings at the front of your teeth I wouldnt recommend doing it unless you want to get the fillings replaced. The experience of tooth whitening - It tingled and my teeth were sensitive the next next day for the whole day. My teeth went about 3 shades lighter so it was a big difference - the cost about $400, however I have had enough paste left that I did it again (had to keep the paste in the fridge) I did it again two years later and worked really well. I think it worked so well as you have the specially moulded trays and it is holding the paste against your teeth for about 8 hours, I wouldnt try toothpaste whitening of the gel strips just because I find it hard to see how they work. Results - Its been 10 years and my teeth could do with it again - I probably would if I had spare money but its not really really important to me my teeth aren't yellow or anything. So I found it lasts for about two years but like everything its dependant on how much coffee you drink, smoking, red wine, anything that causes your teeth to stain. I drink heaps of coffee, my friend who used the same one hers lasted about 3 years. So I guess its just all to do with how much you worry about the colour of your teeth and don't forget about those white fillings ;)


I had mine whitened a few years ago professionaly and yes it was a bout $400, and it did work. Have tried the toothpaste options from the supermarket (as I couldn't justify the cost), but there is really no difference to using any other toothpaste.


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