Discussing :: Teeth Whitening - just another emotional sell or really worthwhile?


Wow, That's really interesting to read all your comments about teeth-whitening. Judging by the dozens of whitening toothpastes available, I had thought that most people would have tried these at least and many others delved further into gels, strips and professional whitening. It certainly looks like the if the toothpaste manufacturers might have missed he boat this time - at least in NZ... or I wonder if teeth-whitening might be more of a guy thing?


just brush twice a day quick fixes always have a price


I must admit, it certainly enhances peoples' smiles, however it can be so overdone, it puts me in mind of people going orange with spray tan. A few days with baking soda, gives your teeth a wonderful polish.


Seeing celebrities all dressed up to the nines on TV, the first thing that hits my eye is their pearly white teeth. They certainly don’t look normal to me and l suppose some of them suffer from sensitive teeth.


I'm with quite a few of you here. Having perfectly white teeth is far from my mind as I'm brushing my teeth. As long as they look clean and the breath is pleasant how white they are is irrelavant.


I love imperfect teeth...it's one thing I've always been attracted to oddly enough (so long as they are clean and brushed regularly of course, can't beat good oral health)! So I'm not a fan of overly white, fake looking teeth.


I've used whitening toothpastes but never found that they did anything. I've used a home tooth whitening kit that I thought worked ok but could really burn you're gums. Yellowing teeth is a sign of aging so was thinking of getting it done before too long. Not so sure it's worth it after reading everyone's comments. Thanks guys. :O)


I think teenager want white teeth even more as they watch too many tv programs where the models are perfect. There comes a time in your life when you must say, enough. I'm happy with my body


I find myself distracted by all these shining white teeth on tv .Do these people realise that their teeth are supposed to be the same shade as the whites of their eyes not blindingly white so that they look like their faces are all teeth and nothing else


We have often bought a whitening advertised toothpaste and in my opinion a waste of time for that particular quality. Better to just buy your favourite toothpaste.

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