Discussing :: Teeth Whitening - just another emotional sell or really worthwhile?


Teeth Whitening - just another emotional sell or really worthwhile?

Almost everyone you see on TV nowadays seems to have a gleaming white smile. I’ve tried tooth whitening toothpastes but even the mildest has burned my gums so that they have peeled. Bearing in mind that toothpaste manufacturers, like all businesses are primary in it for dollars, it made me wonder why we are so easily influenced into buying ‘beautifying’ toothpastes rather than whose main purpose is to keep teeth and gums healthy. For example, since the first time I used it some years ago, I found Tartar Control toothpaste did a wonderful job at keeping my teeth free from plaque. However, when I was last looking for this in the supermarket, it seemed to no longer exist. Instead there were literally dozens of tooth whitening toothpastes. I could only find one tootpaste carton that actually mentioned healthy teeth; it was all ‘whiter than white’ etc. No one ever talks about the downside to these products. http://www.buzzle.com/articles/disadvantages-of-tooth-whitening-dangers-in-whitening-teeth.html gives the following information on possible side effects of tooth whitening: • The most prominent side effect is that your teeth become sensitive to temperatures. You will feel it when you have hot or cold drinks. • Sometimes, the whitening becomes uneven. This can occur naturally as the effect of bleach is not even for every tooth. This may even result into patchy appearance on your teeth. The irregular whitening looks as if you have undergone a failed procedure. • Frequent use of bleach or other chemicals may result in erosion of teeth enamel. Teeth enamel helps in preventing decay of your teeth. Hence, there can be increased chances of tooth decay. •You may also suffer from sore gums immediately after you have completed the procedure. Irritation of gums may also be observed. •The chemicals used for whitening teeth may also cause allergic reactions. •There are also chances of swallowing the chemicals mistakenly. If these chemicals are consumed, you may feel nauseous and even vomit. •It is not advisable for young people (under 16 years of age) to undergo teeth whitening. Similarly, pregnant as well lactating women must stay away from it. So what’s your view.? Have you artificially whitened your teeth – with toothpaste, strips, gels, or had a professional treatment? Did it work? How did it make you feel? Did you think about side effects? Was it worth the cost? How much are you prepared to pay? Even if you think it made you look more attractive, did this really affect your life in any measurable way?


No, never tried tooth whitening deliberately. I don't notice the colour of peoples teeth nearly as much as I notice whether their teeth are straight or really crooked.


Dr Oz recommends 'baking soda paste', as a teeth whitener with no side effects. It may be worthwhile a second opinion to support this by your dentist......


There are certainly cheaper options available. Teeth that are too white for the persons completion don’t look right either. You don’t want your white teeth to be the first thing people see, it looks fake


There's something quite disconcerting about the whole process of teeth whitening, and I think there is lack of openness about any long-term side effects that might be involved. Probably best to ask your dentist for advice first, then perhaps get a second opinion.


If you can buy something so life changing as a tooth whitening product from the supermarket or online then bells tend to ring loudly in my ears. There is no way i would risk permanently ruining my teeth by using something that is not recommended by a dentist, it would cost more to fix up any potential problems than it would to have them professionally lightened. I hate my two front teeth that are discoloured from medicine i had to take as a child but i am happy to have them. Go to a dentist, its just not worth it.


I wouldn't risk using such harsh chemicals on my teeth. Ive heard horror stories about increased sensitivity and damage to the delicate enamel. Not worth the risk for me.


Just stick to toothpaste... there's no need to buy these teeth whitening gimmicks, they are usually rather expensive and I can't say they even do the job they're supposed to.


waste of money I say - It doesn't work as much as you hope it would and does near enough the same job as normal toothpaste but your just paying double the price !


Teeth whitening only works if your teeth are discoloured in the first place from things like coffee, tea, smoking and fizzy drinks. I had my teeth done by a professional and noticed a little change in how whiter they got. The lady told me they would only go as white as what your natural colour was in the first place. So if you got yellow teeth that is how they will stay


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