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Tattoos – a most personal statement!

When I was younger, the only people you saw sporting a tattoo were either sailors in the Navy, gang members or one of those very ‘bad’ girls who had her knuckles tattooed while she was ‘on the inside’. Nowadays, tatts are absolutely everywhere. They have by and large lost their negative connotations and are regarded simply as body decoration no better or worse than pierced ears. I’m interested to hear if Chelsey members are part of this ‘fashion’ trend. How did they feel when they got their tattoos? Were they nervous? How did they decide what to have, how big and where? Did it hurt? Have they had any regrets? Would they go back for more? How would they feel about their Mum getting a tattoo?

I wouldn't get a tattoo, not because I don't like them but because of the pain. My son got a tattoo for his 16th birthday, I don't see anything wrong with tattoos as long as they're not offensive and can be hidden with clothing when needed. (going for a job interview, at certain jobs etc..)

Tattoos can look fine on young skin but look pretty gross on saggy old skin like arms. Only look at that TV ad for non stick frying pans that last and last!

Personally I wouldn't get a tattoo. I have seen some that I think are very tasteful - but usually it is on younger skin. The idea of having a blog of ink staining my skin when I get older totally puts me off doing it. I do wonder how many people will have regrets in many years from now when perhaps tattoos will have lost their popularity or maybe are no longer fashionable. For those who have tattoos - its their choice but they also have to be prepared to either live with them for life, or pay big money to either have them removed (if they decide they no longer want them) or regularly touched up. Each to their own though ...

I am going to get a tattoo done, not because its fashionable or trendy, but because I want to acknowledge in an indelible way, the loss of my mum six years ago and also tie in an acknowledgement of the journey my daughter has faced with an orthopaedic problem that has seen her have a number of invasive and painful surgeries.

For my mum, the tattoo design will have an iris in it, as this was her favourite flower and for my daughter there will be an aqua coloured ribbon (not unlike the ones used for breast cancer etc) and words including resilience and strength. Its still in the planning stages and I need to have a meeting with the tattoo artist to finalise what I have a vision of, but it will be done where I can easily hide it under clothes, so it doesn't offend anyone and anyway, its no-one elses business regardless


To start the discussion here are supposedly the world's most tattooed • man • oldest woman • woman • pig!

Feel so sick after looking at this...


I personally don't like tattoos and so I definitely don't like these ones! I hope the pig one is just photo shopped otherwise that is just cruel to say the least!


Tatoos in the maori culture, and some other cultures, have a very strong cultural rather than just decorative element, which I dont know enough about, and would like to understand more. The fact they are permanent should be thought about, perhaps... My brother and sister-in-law have beautifully tatoo'd wedding rings, which I kind of like - not my thing, but work perfectly for them. One thing I would like to advise ladies against - those cute little rings of flowers around the belly button. I do ultrasound scans of pregnant ladies, and sadly, they stretch unevenly, and never look the same again afterwards!!

Oh really! When I was younger I always wanted to study radiography so I could head towards studying ultrasonography. :)


im personally not into tatoos... i just cant think that therse anything id want on me... for life!!and so many people do it now days... not for a reason... like my friend is covered in disney characters!!


I'm not a tattoo person either. In fact I haven't even got pierced ears - bummer trying to find screw in earrings all the time. Interested to hear about the stretch marks and tattoos I wonder what happens with big weight loss or gain. You might start with a tiny.,... well I just stopped writing this post and had a look... Many were just too disgusting to put on Chelsey but here is a proud Mum-to-be - not a pretty sight!


If there was ever an image that was meaningful enough, like really important to me, I'd consider getting a small tattoo. In fact I'd quite like a small tattoo of something that was really meaningful to me. I don't know that there would ever be an image I'd want on me forever though and I really wouldn't know how to choose where I'd want it to be, forever. So it probably wont happen!

I'm exactly the same. For a while I wanted to get the Lorax on my ankle, but then someone told me that orange fades, so I didn't. THere's never been anything else that's been original, personal, meaningful, etc. One day I hope to work out what to get.


Ive got a couple of small tattoos which are very meaningful to me. I was nervous and excited as Id wanted and been researching them for so long! Both small- dolphin/ maori heritage on the right side of my tummy, and hibiscus flower on the left side of my back. Only ever wanted small ones but now I have them would consider getting bigger ones as it didnt hurt as much as I thought it would. I chose them for personal reasons- things that reminded me of something/ were important to me. No regrets and definately want more- just not sure what at this stage. Wouldnt care if mum got one- each to their own and they dont hurt anyone!


I HATE tattoos, i have none and i am so proud of it!!!!! I think they look cheap and nasty and could you picture yourself as an old lady with tattoos, yuck.


I don't want one, but I think that small black ones and certain coloured tattoos on wrists, backs and ankles look extremely tasteful.


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