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Suntan, sunburn

It's the season to slip, slop, & slap....... though how many of the 'Chelsette's have been caught out? Sun-smart & cocktails makes for a great Summer...... cheers, no tears..


I get caught out because I'm pale but don't tan or burn very easily, unless I'm out in the middle of the day for over an hour on the sunniest days. My legs stay a nice blinding shade of white though :( I want a nice natural tan.


I can't remember the last time I got sunburnt. I guess I don't go out in the sun very much. What does please me, is that it seems nearly all of my cosmetics and makeup have sun protection in their formulas. It's hard to buy a moisturiser without and foundations and even lippy have protection nowadays.


...I love summer can't wait for long summer days and warm summer evenings....always make sure to pack the essentials slip, slop, slap...and water


I'm a bit of mix & match. I think vitamin d is essential and some sun straight on my skin is really important. Also, I think that sunscreen in general can be bad for you. So, I mostly keep out of the sun, and only put sunscreen on when I'm going to be in it for long periods.


You definitely need the sun, if for nothing else but to make you feel happy and avoid the sad syndrome BUT you have to be sensible and slip, slop, slap especially at the beginning of summer when your skin is more sensitive.


Looked up songs with ‘Sunshine” in the title and found literally hundreds of them. As I looked at each title the tunes came into my head and I found so many of them were uplifting and happy - just like the way that the sun makes you feel. So in celebration of the sun and summer on its way , here is one of my favourite 'sun' songs, Hope you enjoy it too! (Love the Beatles too!)


Please Please PLEASE wear sunscreen every day, too many beautiful lives are lost from malanoma each year, nobody ever said " I shouldnt have put on sunscreen today" new zealand has one of the highest malanoma rates in the world , love yourself enough to stay around for your parents friends and children


hahaha, you're too easy to freak out.


I'm whiter than white, my legs actually look kind of translucent, some say I may glow in the dark! I'm actually quite sensitive about it, being tanned gives me SO much confidence it's amazing! My new trick is to go to the pro's and get a good spray tan done every few weeks in Summer. It doesn't cost that much (a lot less than skin cancer) and no I don't go orange -I know you were thinking that!

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