Discussing :: Signature scent or mix it up?


I don't quite have a signature scent yet. So I like to mix it up.


oh im glad im not the only one i can never find the right one that smells divine to so still looking to smell awasome not that i smell bad hehe


I love perfume and have about 6 on the go at once! If i find a new one i like and can afford it then i'd buy that too!


I am a perfume freak, love the stuff, but only a good quality one, not some cheapo stuff. I remember when I was going to high school I was nicknamed 'stinky' cause I always wore perfume and that was in 1971. I have my favourites and 1 of them Ive worn for 40 yrs.


I think you need to try a scent on leave the shop and werar it for abit before buying .Some scents smell wonderful on some people but on others it smells different.I think a signature scent is good when you find one that is you.


I have worn Calvin Klein Obsession for over 20 years now and people I havent seen for years have actually recognised me by it! It is a very heavy scent though and this year I've found it a bit much for the hot days, so my new daytime scent is one I won on Chelsey last year, Victorias Secret Angel which is much lighter and more suited for this weather. Having said that now its getting a bit cooler I will be pulling out the CK again soon!


Mix it up - there are so many great fragrances you don't want to restrict yourslef.


I'd vote for the signature smell... why would you swap all the time if you've already found the perfect, matching one!!?? Altough I have about 10 different scents myself, if I wouldn't get them as presents... XD


I definitely think signature scent, I have found my perfect scent and will continue to use until they stop making it. My daughter loves it and associates it with me. I can't smell it on myself anymore but people comment on what a lovely scent it is. Also if I smell a scent someone I know wears, I immediately think of them.


Lately I've been sticking with Clinique Happy, the fact that people keep telling me it suits me, sealed the deal.


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