Discussing :: Signature scent or mix it up?


I like to mix it up now but I once was known through the years by signature scents. People would know I was there when they would walk into a room that I'd just been in. chloe is my new favourite.


Id love to have a signature scent like my mother did, i still associate white musk with her and instantly recognize the scent. But there really are far too many perfumes to choose from


There's something special about having a signature scent, but mixing it up a bit is fun and invariably attracts a positive comment or two.


Don't do perfume on my skin as I break out in a rash, but I like a nice light floral scent to spray on my clothes somewhere. I personally hate overpowering scent on people and it actually sets my husband's asthma off, especially if we are in an elevator with them.


That's a toughie. We all know someone who always has a familiar scent and associate good or bad things with it but I think personally I like changes now and then to prevent predictability :)


I usually only have one bottle of perfume on the go at a time, I have a scent at the moment I am loving so sticking with it. My sister on the otherhand is like a bag of mixed lollies..she changes her perfume nearly every week!


I'm mad on perfume and buy lots of miniatures so I can wear different ones all the time. Of all the perfumes I wear there is one that people always stop me in the street and ask what I'm wearing and its by far the cheapest one. So I prefer to mix it :)


After reading this I'm now inspired to find one I really love and wear it always and my kids will remember me by that scent!


I have one 'everyday' perfume for work etc and then I have a flasher one for when I go out. I associate the smell of this to the anticipation of doing something special. Having said this ( please don't think I'm creepy) I do have tucked away in a drawer an empty bottle of my mothers shiseido murasaki from about 1980 which reminds me of her, and of being a kid watching her get ready for a night out.


I have one perfume I wear for nights out and one I wear during the day. But every now and then I change it up and buy a new fragrence.

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