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Roll, spray or 'au natural'?

Given a choice, I would always use a spray on deodorant/anti-perspirant rather than a roll-on as it just seems more hygienic and despite my eco-conscience, I never buy roll-ons. Whatever your preference, when I look at all these products lined up at the supermarket, there is such a choice yet it's seldom clear whether a product is just an anti-perspirant, or deodorant, or both. Furthermore, despite using them regularly, I have a bit of a hang-up about the idea of anti-perspirants. It seems unnatural and maybe even harmful, to block up the skin and sweat glands to prevent them doing their job of cooling my body. I have ridiculous visions of sweat building up, trapped into ballooning pustules under my arm and it’s enough to make me want to roll around on the floor laughing when I see advertisements starring All Blacks using deodorant and anti-perspirant before a game! My last comment would be on the use of overpowering, usually overly sweet, perfumes used in many of these products. They always seem to have a discernable ultra-obvious smell which is quite different from the subtlety of a 'real' perfume or cologne. I mean, are these there merely to mask natural BO or what? What women wants to be sniffed out from ten feet away by the smell of her deodorant? Consequently, I tend to buy men’s sprays which are normally much lighter and fresher smelling than women’s sprays. Thank heavens that fragrance-free products are now available. I will definitely be making the swap. So what are your views? Your preferences? Your concerns? What would be your ideal everyday deodorant?


I use Spray as you pointed at, roll ons aint that hygenic.


I use Spray as it doesn't get on my clothes. I have enough washing in the house without having to soak several item in buckets to get rid of stains


I find the older I get the less I really need to wear deodarant...weird! And no it's not my sense of smell dimishing with age either!!! I just don't sweat like I used to (crazy teenage hormones and beyond...) and now just a light spray will do. I remember I used to get awful stains on my clothes that were hard to get rid of so if this is one of the 'perks' of ageing then I'll take it!


I import Toms of Maine from the USA. It's natural, I like the scents, it doesn't have aluminum in it, and it's sort of a stick thing. When ever I have bought deodorant in NZ I have hated the smell. I wish they had scratch and sniff patches on the outside of the package!

Toms of Maine - I have been looking for a non aluminium product. Is it expensive? Will have to look it up, thanks


I try not to wear deodorant until I have to as I don't like the whole aluminium/cancer link and keep it's use to being around others that any sweating would offend. We are prone to allergic reactions to smelly sprays in this household so it is rollons for us. That is such a good point Wice about sports people promoting deodorant as they DO still sweat heaps out on the field, as they should.


Personally I never buy my deoderant from supermarkets anyway. Mostly all the brands supermarkets stock contain a aluminium and a mass of other toxins which absorb easily through the underarms due to the porous nature of the skin there, especially if you have any nicks or cuts from shaving. The exception for supermarkets would be some stock tea tree oil deoderant which from memory it works quite well but I havn't used it for years now. Health food stores and natural beauty stores stock healthy, excellent deoderants. They may be a wee bit pricier than the supermarket brands (I don't actually look anymore so I'm not sure) but last quite awhile. Crystal rocks are also a good alternative to deoderants, they have no fragrance and must be applied to clean underarms as they don't remove the smell. They rock when wet applies a layer of crystals on the skin which assist in absorbing persperation and smell. I find they tend to work about 3/4 of the day then will generally need to put some of my normal deoderant on, but for about $15-20 they will last a couple years and take the stress off incesssantly needing to buy nice fragrant deoderant. Good brands of deoderant I find are The Herb Farm, Crystal essence & Biologika, theres a few others that make stick deoderants but I can't remember their names right now. Some brands have the option of spray or roll-on so you can still keep to your spray on and be eco-conscious Wice :)


I use both. Definitely roll on as i find it seems to work better especially working out 5 days a week. I am always clean when i apply it and its only me who uses it. I prefer the ones that don't mark your black or white clothing. Also would love to find a more natural product that works well as i've heard aliminium is used in most deodarants and isn't good. I do like to use the spray on just to give that nice fragrance booster as its much cheaper than perfume. I still use perfume too but need less of it.


Roll on lasts longer, spray just seems to add a nice scent. Au natural is not an option if i want to keep my job, keep my friends and keep a husband.


I prefer spray for sure in the summer, just seems to work better and doesn't leave marks on your clothes. I find some of the roll-ons that say they won't mark your clothes still do. I often use roll-on during the winter when I don't bear my arms much.

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