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Remington Smooth & Silky Easy EPILATOR!

What a fab prize and nice to see that Chelsey is already reminding us that SUMMER is on it's way!


Would love to win this, mine is broken and I need a new one before Spring. Its the only thing that works perfectly under my arms.

Under your arms? Man, doesn't that hurt?


yes please, would be great thanks.


Gotta do you're maintenance!!!


I could do with a new one, mine is about 12 years old. I could never go back to razors after using an epilator or waxing, it's so great that's there's no prickly legs and I only need to do it every couple of weeks, I've also found that my hair is getting finer and finer ... maybe one day I won't need to wax or epilate at all hahaha


I myself dont shave the legs anymore, used to in my teen years, as I had a good set of legs that the gals did like, but would love to win this for my lady....forever using my blades, as she reckons that male razors are the best for the female hair, so please please please Chelsey, so that I dont have to keep buying razors


I get so exhausted from just little things (due to illness) so this would be fab as it would mean less often and not always in the shower which is hard enough to do as it is


I find that my hair is so thick that disposable razers wear out after one use, so very costly. Hence, when i can get away without shaving i do. An epilator would be fabulous.


The question is why do we feel that we have to shave our bodies at all? I am not advocating for or against this practice but I did read an article recently that said woman should love the hair on their bodies-basically embrace it. At times I question why I shave_ is it because it makes me feel better abput myself or is it because I worry what others will think if they see my unshaven legs or excess facial hair. In a perfect world no-body would probably blink an eyelid at unshaven women but the pressure is on all of us to shave I think including me so a shaver would be great to have as for me it makes my skin feel so smooth which I love.


Have been off the maintenance band wagon for a while and should probably get back on. It just takes to long to shave my legs, my it's so awkward in the shower. I reckon this little gadget would be amazing! Might need to get one


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