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Pyjamas. All day.

This is such a growing trend, especially with onsies. I saw a man dressed in a Pikachu onsie in the mall last week.

I don't even go to the mail box in my pyjamas, and I hesitate to answer the door when the courier comes super early.

Would/Do you leave the house in your pjs?


Not a fan of people going out in their PJ's - I think it's lazy - have some self respect people!!!


Theres a time and a place for PJ's and its bed time. Fair enough if you are at your own home and want to have a relaxing day as its your own home but to actually go out in public with PYJAMA'S on is just wrong. Ive seen people wearing pj pants in pac n save and down the street. I think they think they look good too but sorry thats not the case. I think sick people at the doctors is fine because they are too sick or feel to yuck to change so fair enough. Anyone else GET REAL!!!!!!


Personally, I wouldn't been seen outside the house in my pyjamas. However, my teenage daughter thinks nothing of driving to a friend's house in her PJ's.


I would NOT wear my PJs or onies out of my house...never! No Way


Haha! I've got an illness that leaves me housebound and often bedbound but I would never wear them outside. I even feel bad wearing pj's for the amount of time I do already during the day inside!


No no no.... Especially if you are leaving the house. A growing trend where I live is wearing pyjamas to the local shops. It isn't uncommon to see three people there in their pjs each day....they might be cozy and comfy but I think they are best worn at home.....


Is this a New Zealand phenomenon or do women in other countries do it too? Oh yeah, and is it a female thing?????? I actually don't know any blokes who'd confess to wearing PJ's in the first place let alone out of doors ...

I lived in LA 10 years ago, and I remember women wearing (really nice) pajama pants to the dog park then. Not sure if they still do. But they never looked sloppy. It seemed almost fashionable.

Haven't seen a lot of men in pjs, only the one in the pikachu onesie...


I do go to the letter box in my pjs but we are semi rural so its not that often that cars go past. However, I would not go any further than the front gate in my pjs. On my way to work I see people walking to the local dairy on their pjs..so funny. Each to their own I say!


the amount of woman in ther supermarket in pjs aswell lately!!! its odd! it went from ug boots... to slippers... to full on pjs... i rmeember when i was in highschool we did it as a group dare thing and went to the movies in pjs... thinking it was the funniest thing in the world to do....

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