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Old Memories of Beauty And Style

Im sure lots of you have memories of your Mums and Grandmothers and what thier beauty routines were. So I thought it would be neat with Mothers Day coming up to remember some of them. My Great Grandmother and my Grandma use to have thier hair in curlers and wear an apron all day, the apron was used for everything, wiping hands, holding pegs and wiping little kids noses. But when it was close to thier husbands coming home out came the curlers the apron was taken off and they would put on thier lip stick. Looking thier best as they put dinner on the table for thier man. Would love to hear your stories :-)


Yes I can remember my mother wearing aprons all the time, in fact she gave me one of hers when I left home. My mothers beauty routine featured Olay moisturizing cream, the only one I can remember her using and she still uses it today.


mum never left the house without her lippy on hat gloves coat and bag in hand


Both my parents were hippies in the 70's and were very fashion forward. They had great taste and kept all their cool treads for us children to indulge in years after. Even my friends would come over to borrow them. Fashion for them was all about self expression and very reflective of the freedom of the era. Growing up I learnt to create my own style and not be afraid to be different. I have a few pieces left and love passing them down through to other generations in the family to wear. The pieces are still unique and could be passed off as designer 4 decades later. Great pieces never age.


I remember my Nana coming to visit when I was young, pinned to her best 'going out' coat was always a sparkly diamante brooch. Marcasite earrings glittered beneath her church hat and a pervading scent of lavender came with her. Nana actually put the fear of God in us, she would rip straight into cleaning the windows, even before her coat came off. Her day wear was always a pretty floral or paisley wrap-round pinny. Nana always cooked on the open fire, she wouldn't use the stove (she didn't know how bless), those sausages always came out black, but man did they taste good. Shopping, Nana would not go to the market without her headscarf tightly knotted under her chin. She was a hard lady, but one with style and decorum, who scared the be-jeezes out of me. Thanks for a wonderful post I've just taken a real neat trip down memory lane.

Oh shes sounds amazing, my Mum Great Grandmother use to use an open fire for all her cooking too. My Mum however loves coalranges, everything is cooked in it, the roasts are amazing! She is a fantastic sewer and has made me some gorgeous aprons for when Im baking etc. I think they are so handy around the house, it's like an extra pair of hands having those big apron pockets :-)


There's one thing that will never go out of fashion- class. Best fashion tip- wear your body with class- and you can never go wrong


Yes my Mum lived in her apron at home and had her own fashion rules she followed religiously when she went out and Ponds cream was her mainstay beauty product. I think I'm much more relaxed about the whole fashion thing as it doesn't define me as much as it seemed to be so important to my Mum. She also was an awesome sewer so I never really got bought clothes growing up, but we used to have a great time finding gorgeous fabrics to use. I do admit I have a peg apron.


Pinny!!!! My mum never seemed to be out of hers - along with the plastic hair rollers every other day...I dont remember mum ever using much makeup but she always smelled good. She really did 'everything' back in the day, including mowing the lawns and gardening, she also made all my clothes until I got to the rebellious stage - I have her to thank for teaching me how to knit, crotchet and darn socks!


The smell of shiseidos 'murasaki' that meant mum and dad were going out! And playing with the bottles in the sampler set of perfume while she got ready - tweed, panache, etc. homage to the house of lentheric!


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