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Nudity on TV.

I was appalled by the recent comments re complaints about a woman showing her breasts on TV to explain how to self examine for breast cancer. Are some people that backward!
Take this short survey I did as an illustration. Last night on the TV I watched, I saw 6 acts of violence ie punching/fighting, one was struck with a weapon, two were stabbed (including the really graffic blood soaked police car), and four people got shot. In all, about 5 murders.
I saw not one nipple or bum.
Now ask yourself, honestly, in real life would you rather that your children witnessed a murder or bared breasts?
There will be no complaints to the Broadcasting Tribunal about last nights TV, yet if nudity were showen their phones would run hot.

Im not sure that it would matter if they took violence away form tv... most children these days play video games far more violent that what they see on tv!


I avoid anything with nudity where ever possible, the body is a natural entity we all have one but we don't need to be reminded of how good or bad someone looks without clothes.
I wish they would ban that Embarrassing Bodies, there is utter disgust on TV right there.
Isn't that why Youtube was invented?

Couldn't agree more about banning Embarrassing Bodies!!! Most horrid show out


I find it astounding that the breast cancer ad was regarded as not able to be viewed by NZers.Surely it could have been on during the evening at least .A better time would of course be during tea time when we are subjected to tampons and other personal in your face stuff.
I have got to the stage where I just avoid programs that are too personal or in your face reality probably because they really are a bit too unbelievable.I guess if you are bored or have not got any values you may be happy to watch others sad situations.I wonder what the next trend will be?
It was different to see the advert with the man in undies for Benefit Cosmetics but he certainly didnt reveal whether his bulge was real or just socks in his jocks but if they can sell cars with scantily clad women its about time men were undressed too.


I am not keen on nudity on T.V. - except if it is SBW. The nude ladies in golf cart were a real turn off.


Why be ashamed with something that is natural to us?


I think nudity over some of the violence we see anyday. Of course I'm not talking hard core rude/lude acts but anything else, nothing to be ashamed of.


I think Nudity is Okay but not during the day or when kids are usaully awake! shud be when kids are in bed so rather it later at night.


im so over seeing nudity on tv esp before 8.30pm -I feel like every video clip these days has some half naked women in it or overly sexualised women- even the adverts are not safe. I don't mind abit of nudity during the evening for something educational say embarrassing bodies or for breast cancer- its the over sexualised way women are depicted that im sick of seeing


I don't think its a big deal but not penis or fanny's. The embarrassing bodies is pretty gross, especially the fat one OMG!!!!


Yeah I agree, Embarrassing Bodies is pretty over the top most of the time -I would be horrified if one of my kids woke up and came down the stairs when that was on,they would be traumatized for life!

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