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New Tool Catches Fashion Photo Touchups

....A new tool can now see what touch ups have been carried out on our favourite celebrities or fashionistas that grace our favourite mags or entertainment web sites...by Analysing the images the tools can tell you what has been adjusted from it's original state....which most fashion houses claim is just slight enhancements to already beautiful people......some results have shown that some publishers have stretched the touch ups a bit to far...the article is an interesting read...even though most of us have known that they do touch them up some and in the type of industries they are in it is called for somewhat whether we agree with it or not.... Article http://www.wired.com/wiredscience/2011/11/photo-alteration-analysis/


The "extremely altered advertisement featuring Filippa Hamilton" is a bit over the top skinny! Not sure what I think about the tool. I feel a bit like we all know these images are altered these days.

...yeah but this is actual evidence against the fashion industry who seem to like to play down the fact....and least this gives a bit of transparency about the industry.....I'm sure there are worse image alterations then just what is in this article...


This sound like it might be a breakthrough type of 'tool' but acording to the article, in order to analyse any changes, the user has to have both a before and affter photographs, i.e. sets of photographs. I mean to say, which art studios are going to give up their before and after images so that someone can analyse them and criticise their retouching work as being too extravagent! Seems like a waste of time to me!

...I don't think its a breakthrough tool its just a tool to analyse photos.....I think it is interesting even if they don't part with before or after photos.....


Once an altered photo has been saved with a new name, the alterations wouldn't show up - it's just a tool for comparing the differences between before and after photos. I can't see any practical use for this since it requires both photos and surely the naked eye is reasonably capable of discerning any major differences which is meant to be the whole point of the tool!


...well even if you don't see the point apparently the people studying and analysing them do!...and good on them.....


Wowsa, what a nifty tool. I spotted something on the news about it becoming compulsory for fashion magazines to state whether their cover models have been airbrushed or not. Didn't get the chance to watch the whole thing but that would be interesting ay.

...Yes there has been a lot of media interest and apparently more people are pushing for fashion magazines to be more transparent in regard to their photos because they push such images to women, and some of them are not ideal, so many are asking them to provide before and after pictures...but yes I agree the tool has some merits...


Here's a quick collage of some Photoshopping mistakes that have appeared in fashion magazines.


We worry about the body trimming with Photoshop but what about the hundreds of celebrity and model pictures we see in every fashiion magazine. Are there any at all that don't enhance photos of people in some way. I took a recent look through one woman's magazine nd couldn't find a single image of a woman that on close inspection did not seem to have been be airbrushed or enhanced in some way. This is why we buy all the face products - because we never so seldom see real people in print - especially where fashion or beauty is involved. We will never, ever look like those airbrushed photos. I'm as stupid as anyone, yet we spend and spend in the hopeless hope. We really seem to believe that normal is not right!

I agree...what is so wrong with this women's face she is still beautiful...its the unrealistic expectations that some women seem to get from seeing the airbrushed picture in magazines and buy the products in the hope that they will look like that to but that picture is airbrushed she still looks great in the other picture....even some celebrities are starting to get upset at how much work is done on their pictures from what they saw during the photo shoot....so of the images are getting out of hand as is shown in some of the above images.....


Just been reading about another 'tool' to test photoshopped beauty images. This time it's a mathematical model - a algorithim "On a scale from one to five, about how much would you say your average fashion magazine editorial or advertisement has been Photoshopped? That’s what a new algorithm, developed by a team of computer and digital forensics experts, has been created to find out. Dr. Hany Farid and Eric Kee, a PhD student, have come up with a software tool that measures objectively just how much a photo has been altered. According to The New York Times, it takes original images and the fantasy resulting from retouching and “statistically measures how much the image of a person’s face and body has been altered.” The Times says those statistics are based on the way people interpret the change from raw image to magazine photo. The algorithm is meant to mimic human perceptions. To do that, hundreds of people were recruited online to compare sets of before-and-after images and to determine the 1-to-5 scale, from minimally altered to starkly changed. The human rankings were used to train the software." http://www.styleite.com/media/photoshop-algorithm/ I, believe that the most important role of these 'tool's' is raising peoples awareness rather than anything else.


http://jezebel.com/5865114/hm-puts-real-model-heads-on-fake-bodies Came across this article the other day. The bodies of real models are apparently not good enough. We've given unrealistic expectations for what the female form should be like... no wonder so many women have body image issues.

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