Discussing :: New products - all they're made out to be?


New products - all they're made out to be?

I got really excited when I heard about the new range from Nivea that means you can moisturise when you're still in the shower (yay for me who always forgets or it's too cold so I don't bother), but it has got me thinking if it's just another hyped product that doesn't work. I hope not!!!

I also saw that Countdown has a new range of V05 products that were really cheap and promised to help with frizziness and keeping your hair straight. Has anyone tried these? I would love to be able to use my straighteners less, but I haven't been able to find anything that helps.

Would love to know your summer must-haves and what new products are working for you....


There is a product for almost everything these days, most don't fully give the results they promise but i am always more than willing to give them a go in the off chance that i may indeed strike one that does.


Yes! I really wanna try the Nivea one, I have ME and just having a shower I have to sit down because of exhaustion so a product that saves time & energy would be fantastic


I haven't seen the Nivea one will have to look out for it - I'm very slack with the moisturiser too. And arrgghhh "Frizziness" I've tried sooo many products to stop my hair being frizzy but nothing seems to work. They either look good for about 5 minutes but then you go outside etc and my hair still turns frizzy. Or they make my hair very oily. Has anyone had success with a certain brand?


I LOVE the BB cream that I won here at Chelsey, that is a product that I would definitely purchase when it runs out! A must have.


We are being flooded with new products it seems, everything from plain moisturiser, primer, foundation to top coat! I like the BB and CC creams which are a "one only" application for anyone on the run and I am sure their properties are all that's essential often.


Yes new products are fantastic especially the lovely new BB and CC Creams which give wonderful coverage of redness, are quick and simple to use and have a high SPF. The best thing since sliced bread


I love trying new products...at the moment I am loving the huge range of nail polishes esp Shellac.


I used to buy new products that promised this and that and 3/4s of them was crap... but cant go wrong with great brands and paying a little extra for a better quality item..


I used to go out and just buy new products just because of the way they looked or were advertised especially beauty products, but now I have learnt to buy based on my skin type and what best suits me and what I use suits me to a tee, if I want to try something new I research the product to see if it is suitable for me and I find some there are some cheaper priced products that often work as well or even better than the expensive ones


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