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My skin is my canvas: Body Painting

We often see body painting in fashion parades and events but seldom as an everyday fashion statement. Maybe it's just the time it takes to do, but after all, we already spend time applying makeup, so why not paint on special occasions....


This would not be my first choice of face paint for a wedding (I hope it's paint and not tattoos but on a second look, I may be wrong!)


...i love to be a model for a full body paint...but I'd probably end up laughing my head of cause it will be to ticklish for me....lol...it would be cool to have the NZ flag or even the NZ Warriors painted on....though my boyfriend would probably protest about it...


There's some pretty crude stuff out there when it comes to body painting - I reckon some of it is just an excuse to paint erotica rather than a work of art. My favourites are the bodies painted to look like people have clothes on.


...I think the art of body painting is great whether it is for clothing, art, or erotica....they like to use their bodies as a canvas and if they are happy to then I don't see the problem....and people define art differently.....

It is pretty impressive. Being able to paint it or to show it off. I don't think it would look quite so good on me...


I know I've posted this pic either here on on GetFrank but I can't help wondering if that swimsuit showing a map of the world should have been on this guy!

...I think she would wear it better than he would most definitely...he'd probably get a wedgie from that swim suit....lol

Actually, he is probably better just as he is - not a map of the world, but a model showing the relative sizes of Jupiter and maybe Mercury!

Planents are to size!

...hmmm better as he is?...he's a heart attack waiting to happen...and he seems proud of his belly wonder how the wife feels....she must be really proud...if indeed he has one.....


Body painting can be very tasteful; it just depends what sort. It looks cool when painted on clothes actually look like real outfits.


Sometimes tasteful....sometimes not!


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