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Hey guys, I'm working on a script for a movie and I need advice. I'm writing a character who is a bit of an anarchist, and I really want to dress him in a kilt, but my co-writer is a guy, and he's not sold on the idea. So, what do you think? Imagine your favorite sexy famous guy and picture him in a denim kilt (I personally have a soft spot for Russell Brand). What do you think? Are men in kilts sexy?


Here's a little visual aid


Have to go with your mate. That guy in the pic looks plain stupid.You are just stirring aren't you?


No way, I personally think he's freakin' hot!


Nah sorry kilts just don't do it for me no matter how hot the filling.


Mel Gibson in a kilt in Braveheart as an anarchist in Scotland worked, so maybe if your character is in the right setting. If he was on the streets of Wellington he would probably fit in, but Downtown Hamilton he'd look ridiculous. Plenty of Maori activists are happy to be seen in their Piupiu. Also I don't think it matters too much if an anarchist looks hot.


...as long as he can carry it off, then why not....though that picture is hot....if the role is for an anarchist...not to sure if a kilt would pull of what you are after.....


Probably 90% of people who responded to this on facebook said yes, they're hot. Including a couple of guys (straight guys), and Claire some of the movie is being filmed in Wellington. I like it because it makes him stand out as being individualistic and unafraid of what people think (as well as hot). A lot of the film is on the road though (in and out of cars...) and climbing into dumpsters (NOT COMMANDO! EWWWWW) so I think I'll leave it up to the director. :)


Maybe not a good idea in the winter for the bloke, bit draughty. I mean his BAGPIPE might get CHILLBLANES, lol.


Leg warmers and knitted undies could enhance his individuality (it's not a comedy is it Fi?)

Oh. My. God. I can knit legwarmers, but this might extend even my abilities...


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