I Love make-up wear it everyday and will never go out without it on makes me feel fresh!


Dare I say it again? Imagine the world without mirrors!


I look horrible without make-up, seriously! I have very (very!) bad skin, so sadly I have to cover with foundation/BB cream. I'm really happy we can use make-up. Also I like playing with all the colors on my eyelids, match it with the rouge/clothes/nail-color... I think it's fun being female...:) And I just can't imagine the world without mirrors, I just can't...


Take a look at these pictures. Do you feel any different about these celebrities when you see that they all have acne? It certainly didn't make any difference to me. I love makeup myself because applying it is such a creative exercise. You can make yourself look quite different and you can use colour to achieve so many amazing effects. Every morning I look at my face as a blank canvas ready to transform. I know it’s crazy but it’s almost a compulsion to do this every day - despite the fact that I know that no one else really gives a hoot whether or not I’m wearing makeup. It really is pretty primitive stuff – applying clay colouring to our skin, fats to lips, soot and fibres to our lashes… Is this what it still takes for a woman to attract a sexual partner in C21? Why do so many women keep plastering themselves with makeup to their dying day, as if it fools the world into thinking they are still ‘young’. What’s not beautiful about old or natural at any age? Sometimes I wonder if we women are all just shallow imbeciles? Are we so afraid to be ourselves that we sell out to those media fed marketing images of ‘barbie dolls’. Are we so lacking in confidence that we have to conform to illusions to feel good about ourselves? Is it just our own vanity and our deep seated desire to be admired and wanted that causes such otherwise irrational behaviour! I love having a clean, honest natural face - but the public seldom sees it.


Oh... after all that, I fogot the pictures:


I used to care but strangely as I have gotten older and should care more (age spots, wrinkles) it doesn't seem as important.


Due to having Chronic Fatigue I simply don't have the energy or funds to wear make-up. With saying that I don't have anything against it and think it can look beautiful if not overdone. It would be nice if people didn't feel they had to wear it though.


A little make-up is fine, but don't coat yourself with the stuff. Too much make-up is a turn-off for guys.


I am more a natural kinda girl..I like a bit of eyeliner and lippy but I don't wear foundation often (it makes me feel almost claustrophobic!). I have lots of freckles but I am happy going au natural. Nothing worse than caked on makeup really.


I am a natural woman for everyday life (a busy Mum of four and a preschool teacher - luckily none of them care what I look like LOL), however I do like to glamour up for the rare adult nights out. I am so out of practice though that I get my 16yr old daughter to do my makeup!! I love the surprised looks and compliments I get from my kids when I do get dressed up.

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