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Leggings - back in fashion?

I recently saw a picture of James Lillis's Muscle leggings and then then images of amazing desinger leggings seemed to pop up everywhere. There were not only printed leggings but also some very bizarre 3D leggings. It seems 'personality' legging might be the latest fashion trend. I don't recall seeing anyone in NZ sporting this look. At the right price, would you?

I work alomngside lots of young trendy women and they wear black leggings withall kinds of funky designs. Today one woman wore ones with gold studs! They looked great. Anything goes.


Some printinged leggings by James Lillis and Black Milk


... and some 3D leggings:


I live for my leggings. I wear them all the time.


yer i love my leggings... my partner hates them though!!


....I love leggings they are great...but I am not for the leggings that have designs all over them, me just solid colour leggings...like black, browns etc


I didn't do leggings the first time they were trendy. Thought they were too tacky and my legs too big and I lived in my jeans but this time I quite like the patterns and have realised you can hide a lot with a long top.


Looks like they might be this summer season. Certainly loved wearing them in the winter and autumn, keeps down the chill


I think theyre back, and in some crazy materials/designs too!

lol they so are!! i stick to the black ones though!

total agree Anna and I don't think they really went out did they?....I think that's dependant on the person wearing them....I find they are good part of any cool outfit.....some of the designs are out there but so are also ridiculously cool


Yep I think they seem to be a year-round thing now. I like wearing them in winter with a dress and boots, but may give them a go this summer and try to hide a bit more of my legs!


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