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Is online shopping killing or saving the retail market?

I was slow to get into online shopping and prefer (still) to support local businesses when I can and luckily there some some great little spots, but suddenly without meaning to I have been drawn to some boutique-style creative online businesses who often have the opportunity to have sales as they have reduced overheads. Most NZ companies will deliver next day. I have come across some crackers, innovative and special without the step-too-far price-tag. My limit is always been - never out of NZ though, that's my bottom line.


Mmmh this is a hard one, I think it would be fair to say some retailer's are suffering due to online shopping becoming more available.
Exorbitant retail site overheads appear to be one of the kicker's, greedy landlords etc.
Having said that, since more people are becoming more computer savvy it is becoming increasingly popular to have both an online website as well as store options.
I for one am very happy with online shopping, I can do it at my leisure without the hassles of finding parks or racing others in their lunch breaks, and my purchases are delivered to me, that is a huge plus.
I do feel for the retailer's who are feeling the pain, but technology is steaming ahead and I'm afraid it's here to stay.
New World have always baulked at the online grocery shopping being successfully run by their competitors, but I think bit by bit this is slowly being eroded.
My prediction, New World will be campaigning hard for their own online shopping experiences and I don't think it's too far away.
What a great subject thanks.


I dont think so at all, given the amount of $$ that is spent, I would say perhaps more blokes spend on-line compared to women


Yes I think it is killing the market. Lets face it when you can buy everything cheaper on line then why would you buy in store


You would think so... but have you seen the malls? on the weekend or a thursday night.. it amazes me how many people are there!~


Not in New Zealand... yet. We just don't have the online shopping sites. And shipping always costs so much...


Shipping is often free if you buy from a NZ company


I do half/half. While its so easy to visit Trademe, The Warehouse online, Countdown etc etc, I still visit the local retailers for stuff that I like that I dont like buying from the bigger people.


I think online shopping is a massive worry for shops that are in town. I have brought a few things online due to them being unique or custom made to suit, but I still love looking for a good bargain and window shopping so its pretty much 50/50 for me


It's so easy and convenient to buy stuff online - not searching all day for a bargain - but things that pop into your inbox. I get great bargains but also love bargain hunting at stores and you can't beat being able to try things on. I have bought jeans and sneakers from overseas sites as they are about 80% cheaper and I don't understand why we pay so much in NZ for the same products. Seems unfair so why not get the best price.

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