Discussing :: Is New Zealand too casual?


Is New Zealand too casual?

One of the things that grinds my gears is when people wear t-shirts to funerals or weddings! Isn't it better to be a little dressed to the occassion than be the person who is under-dressed - maybe it's my age .... but there's nothing like clothes worn appropriately and with style to give respect to those whom you care about or wish to make an impression on.


There is comfort, and there is respect. Both can be applied at once!


Does non-casual imply uncomfortable?


I agree about the outfits worn to funerals... I have seen some shockers. Jeans and a t-shirt is far too casual and doesn't show any mark of respect or effort to present oneself appropriately for the occasion.


I personally would dress smarter if I had more disposable income.

Me, too, definitely! But I do still try to look presentable when I leave the house :)

I don't think you need to have lots of money to look smart. Have you tried Hospice shops? I often find good quality, near-new designer bargains there. I would say my wardrobe is mostly good quality second hand, with a smattering of NZ-made designer (bought on sale, mostly!). Second hand shopping is so affordable, and much better for the environment than fast fashion. You can wear labels you'd never normally be able to afford, and you won't run into anyone wearing the same thing at an event.


I definitely think you should dress for the occasion such as a wedding or funeral, but you shouldn't feel you have to dress up to the nines to go down to the supermarket. And I agree with 'D' - I probably would dress smarter if I had more disposable income too!!!


It costs so much for nice clothes but casualness can be overcome, I have seen people at events and thought that they really could have tried just a little bit harder, maybe shoes instead of jandels or a top instead of a singlet.


I think NZ is very stylish...and have some of the best desingners in the world such as Trelise Cooper and Karen Walker. You only have to go to Wellington or Auckland Race Cup day to see people dress up in the most amazing stylish outfits. I also think that kiwis have a more colouful approach to their wardrobes...Unlike people living in the UK where I always see more drab colours been worn.


NZ isn't too casual, it's perfect the way it is!


It is possible to wear "casual" clothes that don't look out of place in almost any situation. And certainly casual is generally more comfortable. I agree that shabby t-shirts are not suitable for a formal occasion, especially a funeral or wedding, but that smart casual is fine by me. In France, people dress up to the nines just to go to the supermarket, and anyone not meeting a certain standard are frowned upon. I am glad that New Zealand has a more laid back approach.


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