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In praise of the bath!

It seems like people either love or hate them. I've always loved a long hot relaxing bath and really only enjoy a shower in the height of summer - really just as a way to cool off! Sure, sometimes you don't have time to run a bath... but if you always could... would you? Maybe baths may become an indulgence of the past. I recently went on a flat hunting excursion with a friend and I couldn't believe how few newer places even have baths now. What's your favourite, your regular - bath or shower?


These pics came in an advertising email but I looked at them and thought - YES! Who would want to shower when you can lie back in the bath and look out at these views!


Showers are for every day, but a bath is an occasion. Wins my vote every time.


Oh I love a bath to lay back in bubbles and relax and let your body soak in the heat.There is nothing better when youre sick or sore.


Its a real treat to have time to relax in a nice hot bubble bath. There is nothing better for de-stressing after a busy week.


A good book, a glass of wine and peace and quiet....the ingredients for the perfect bubble bath!!


I so love a great soak in the bath.Its a special place to unwind,relax and attend to just yourself.For a perfect bath I like a soothing aromatherapy oil in my oil burner,a cup of herbal tea ,a nice face pack and a intense hair conditioning treatment.Couple this with soothing music and a good book and my world becomes my very own spa.I follow this up with moisturizing all over.Of course the downside is I just want to lie on the bed when I go past it. :)


The bath is an experience, not just a wash


we've got an old clawfoot in the garden that we heat with a bbq burner, nothing beats being in your own garden under the stars in a steaming hot bath, grab a handful of lavender on the way past and it's heaven.


A bath is a luxuary, totally love a long soak in a bath after a hectic month of work

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