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Hats,Gloves and scarves

Who wraps up in the winter and wears a hat,scarf and gloves?I would have to say if you lived in the UK these 3 are winter essentials otherwise you would freeze.All the shops are packed full of everything from ear muffs,hand muffs,gloves,hats and scarves.But I don't find NZ as cold so I wear just a beanie hat. What is your winterstyle....?


We should be very thankful we dont live in the u.k, as we would have to wrap up extra warm, real cold n.z winter days I wear my puffer jacket that keeps me real warm and maybe a thermal top under that.


I always wrap up with gloves and scarves but get hideous hat hair so don't go there. It's always annoying though when you get on a bus and it's a million degrees and you start overheating, then you get outside and it's freezing and then inside offices, cafes or shops it's a million degrees again! That's why I love layers in winter and gloves and scarves so you can peel back the layers!


I agree rps, leather gloves and scarves are my thing but can't do hats because of the hat hair. There are some very cute leather gloves around this season though, I love the resurgence of vintage and the beautiful touches like wrist gloves and silk scarves that go with it!


When we were in the UK we wore our beanies and noticed noone else did, their hats were far more stylish - but still we were warm. Scalves were a huge fashion statement there and I think NZ women also do pretty well with matching up their scalves with their outfits.


After I was very ill and had finished treatment I found I had to wear a hat and scarf and I kinda got use to wearing them , now have a couple of old favourites which probably need a update .


I LOVE hats, gloves & scarves, you can really dress up an outfit & feel good too, they are signature pieces for me


I'm not really a hat persone but I do love a cozy scarf in the cold winter months


I've just worked up a nice collection of gloves for this winter I can't wait to wear them


My winter wardrobe is usually quite black in colour so all winter I tend to wear scarves not only to add warmth but also to add a splash of colour too! Scarves these days are made of the softest and most snuggly materials...they feel like a strip of happiness around your neck on cold, wet and gloomy days!!!


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