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Handbags...Does Size matter.....?

I have found whatever size handbag I have Large or Small I am always searching to find my Illusive car keys, Cellphone,Lipstick Etc...I really don't know what the answer is I am yet to find the perfect handbag....Has anyone got the perfect handbag?


I'm a handbag collector. There is no one right handbag. Like shoes, you can have several in one colour to match particular needs and moods. My stable includes a number of basic colors - black, navy, browns, reds - plus assorted other colours. Sizes range from tiny evening purses (myt least favourite and pretty useless really) to huge bags which can double as weekend bags. I have noticed that I seem to be needing larger and larger bags to carry all my essentials. I have bags with short handles and long shoulder straps, formal and casual in both cases. Some of my bags have lots of pockets, some only one. I have noticed that over the last year or two, almost all handbags seem to include a pouch for cell phones along with the usual zipped one. My favourites for travelling have lots of pockets - zipped inner ones for passport and money and usually an outside one where I can put tickekts for easy accesss - bus, subway, shows, admissions, etc. One thing I have learnt, is never to buy a cheaply made handbag. You will not enjoy using it and it will probably fall apart. Nowadays I am very careful to choose the best bag I can afford and each new bag I buy is one I love which oozes a timeless quality and makes me feel good. As for keys, if you really do find it a struggle locating them, then either buy a big colourful keyring, or pin a large saftety pin inside your bag and clip them to this.


Sorry ladies this forums not for blokes, can’t see me carrying a Man Purse or Man Bag, a backpack yes if needed. I can see my mates laughing and mocking me who would blame them. Lets be real here The Man Purse is gone, thank goodness for plastic - travel light. lol.

I dated an sexy French guy who carried a man purse. In fact, he's the one who influenced my purse purchases since then. Some men can do it. Maybe being French helps, though :)


......LOL...Yeah it always seems a bit weird a Man carrying a Man purse...If I ask my hubby to hold my bag for a sec he freaks...So get the picture....:-))


I agree! I have so much trouble finding the perfect size! But I'm not really a 'bag person' so usually stick with a pretty small one - just to fit the essentials.


My latest bag is very deep. Yes I can fit so much in it but when I'm in a hurry to get something out it's lost in the enormity of it and I end up having to empty it to find what I need. My next bag is going to be shallow.

Did you know that you can buy inserts for large handbag? They are a bit like a lightweight multi-pocketed mini bag you just pop into your handbag. When you swap bags, you simply remove the insert, complete with all it carries, and place it in another handbag.


omg yes handbag size matters, I've currently got one that id call med size that has a separator compartment in it, i t is fantastic i wouldn't want bigger, but have had smaller. defiantly got to be able to hold the necessity like the entertainment book, bottle of water, pens tissues, lipstick, lip gloss, diary, wallet, card wallet for all the bonus stamps they give you to get that free coffee or sushi. cellphone etc.


For everyday use I have a smallish one with a crossover my body strap. For me it is ideal for shopping. I only take my money and phone and it feels safe. Not worried about the look of a handbag so much but more about the function. I have a travel handbag that i fit more in and I organise things into the different pockets.


IM not a handbag person, just carry my purse around. but when i do go out on a special occasion i take my handbag but only a medium size one, enough to fit the basics with wat i need.


... phone, glasses/sunglassess, keys, wallet, lippy (and assorted cosmetics), comb, notebook, business cards, pen, tissue, breath freshner strips, women's personal requisites...

I never no what I need from this day to the next, so my bag needs to hold all the essentials, plus a spare of glasses for my partner as he always leaves them everywhere. So I like a medium size bag. I have a red colour which matches everything I wear or not. I hate changing handbags even with my own inner, I seem to leave something behind when I change bags.


....depends on where I am going and what I need to take with me.....work different bag, to social outing and different again to go shopping or just to hang out with friends.....but usually carry the basics smart phone, sunglasses, tissues or wipes, notepad + pen, ipod, chewing gum or mints, wallet, few pocket size cosmetics (like lip gloss and moisturiser) and whatever paperback book I am reading at the time.....out of all the bags though I prefer a single strap over the shoulder bag (like a messenger bag) outside of work find them way more comfortable....as for a man purse my partner would think I have lost the plot if I even mention it to him....not that I would

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