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Hairdresser products vs supermarket hair products

I tried Organic Care Shampoo and Conditioner and found it really made my hair feel great. However I am already using Redken Shampoo and Conditioner however I find this is not the best as it leaves my hair feeling dry. Also have tried Joico products, am using both and switching from time to time. However I think in future I'm going to go for the Organic care as it's only $5 at supermarkets and seems to be nicer to my hair than Salon products. Anyone else out there find this?

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I have tried a number of both supermarket and salon products. I have to admit, I do see the difference and would love to be able to use the more expensive salon products all the time. I am inclined to mix them up a bit to keep prices down. And I also buy from overseas when I can.


I still haven't found any that suit my hair, both supermarket and a little bit of salon :( keep trying though


Yes, I can definitively see and feel the difference when I use supermarket shampoos or a salon ones! It's not always worth the money though. If you have normal hair anyway, just buy shampoos from the supermarket and spend some more on a good conditioner. However, I'd use salon shampoos for very damaged hair!


I can't afford salon so it has to be supermarket although I know salon is better.


I honestly don't think there is a difference between expensive salon products and the better of the supermarket products. Salon products are just all about the hype. I had a hairdresser tell me once that I must have a particular product - that it was amazing because it was made using minerals from 300m under the ocean. I asked her why this made the minerals any better than if they were got from elsewhere. She didn't have a clue!! It's all just hype and marketing.


Hairdressers products are just a waste of money, I used to purchase it all the time and then Pantene went on the market (in the lavender small bottle - that's going back a while now :>)) it change my hair so much. It shines and I hardly ever get spilt ends. My hair is healthy and not because of an expensive shampoo either


i have never been one to spend a lot on hair products, believing that most supermarket products are just as good, however i have to re think my thoughts again, as given a more expensive hair product for xmas i found this was far superior , and really made my hair shine and feel soft and look good, i do still think some and the magic word here is some cheaper products are good and do almost as good a job, but certainly i think one needs to invest a little more cash if you a great end result

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i beleve you can get awasome quality products from the supermarket that are if not better that the salons and a hole lot cheaper to


supermarket products are great you can get such a wide range of all sorts but the products from a salon are speciality products so if you its really upto you on how much you want to spend on your hair lol ;)

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