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Do you cut your own hair Anna? as looking at your picture it looks like your hair is quite short? I have always wanted to try cutting mine but I don't think I could do it

i do the front... but i get mum to do that back haha and my mum does her front and i do her back hehe it works well!! but we both dye our own!! yer it is like shoulder length...

That's pretty impressive. I wouldn't try to cut my own hair. I won't even do my girls' any more. But since it only costs $10 for them and $20 for me it's not really worth it. I really need to go more often though. It's always right at the bottom of my priority list. Maybe if I could read a book or a magazine while I was getting it done, but my hairdresser is VERY chatty!

lol once you do it yourself once its not so scary... i even do a few of my friends hair now haha


my niece is studying hairdressing so all the females in our family have to act as her hair models, we all have long hair...and are just dreading the day that she wants to practice her short hair cuts on us....we are hoping she will practice more on her hairdressing mannequin heads they get...

o0o0 i would love to have someone in the family studying hair dressing haha i love to change up my hair do all the time... although id be the same and a little worried of the short hair - They always seem to do the super short hair on at least one girl in the model shows... and that girl always looks stupid!!

I know exactly....lol...but I know she will definitely get some resistance as we all love our long hair...part and parcel of hairdressing I suppose you will get customers who won't approve of a suggested cut....lol...I may have to get her some more mannequin heads with longer hair for her to practice on so she won't need to ask....I prefer long hair always have

lol sounds like a good christmas pressent =P

lol sounds like a good christmas pressent =P

I reckon Anna.....but I can only imagine her reaction if I gave her mannequin heads for her Chrissy presents....lol


lol yer might get a tad offended =S


Anyone every dyed there hair a non-natural colour? (like the pinks purples etc...)?????

Yes I have dyed mine a few different colours over the years especially at Uni....lol...they were pretty shocking in the sunlight because my hair was black....have had blue, purple, greenish and orange, my niece the buddy hairdressing still shakes her head every time she sees the pictures....lol

lol wow that sounds like fun!! yer uni is the best time i guess... coz once your in the 'real world' i guess you cant get away with that type of stuff!!! (i finnish uni this year *fingers crossed*, guess its almost time to take out my tongue ring =P)

LMAO! yes I had my tongue piercing removed before completing my Uni studies and entering the real world....lol but Uni is definitely the best time to run wild.....good luck with your studies Anna


I've never had the urge to dye my hair crazy colours but I reckon it would be fun and sure give the family a surprise. If I was ever going to try it (say for a dress up party) I think I would buy some of those spray on colour cans - would never have the courage to actually dye my hair blue or strawberry. I did 'powder' my hair once to give hubbie a surprise - said I had gone grey overnight and really had him going for a while :D

hahaha about the grey!


See there is a new colouring product out by Kevin Murphy. It's called the "Colour Bug" There is choice of three colour blocks - pink, purple and orange. They are made up of talc and mica chalk an you just rub a tiny bit on for multi use. Sells at $25. For more information: http://www.kevinmurphy.com.au/podcasts/podcast.detail.php?id=194 There is also a comp to win this product here: http://www.nzgirl.co.nz/win/win-1-of-60-color-bugs-by-kevin-murphy/

o0o0o0 looks fun!!!

I really like that! I've never died my hair a crazy colour but I love the idea of doing the ends like that.

Yep. I really want to give this a go. I think Chelsey needs to get "her" hands on some of these to giveaway!


It's cheap to as apparently you only use a tiny bit so you get lots of repeat 'performances' out of one pack!


Those colour bug things look like fun! I saw the promo on NZ girl also.


Another temporary hair colourant is Manic Panic Dyhard Temprrary Gel Colour. The blurb for this reads: "Manic Panic Dyehard (50 ml) is a thick temporary hair colour styling gel. Ideal for those seeking colour without commitment! Just place gel on fingertips or on a tinting comb and apply to hair. Get creative and have fun with it! The gel may be used for spiking, tipping, adding a streak, a dash of colour, or colouring an entire head. The best thing is that it shampoos right out of your hair with ease. Neons - Electric Banana - Electric Flamingo - Electric Lava - Electric Lizard - Electric Sky Metallics - Stiletto - Glam Gold Matte - Raven Black - Purple Haze - Vampire Red - Virgin" She takes a while to get up to the application bit, but here is a comprehensive video tutorial showing how to apply it. If you would like o try this stuff out as it is available in NZ . See: http://www.sinister.co.nz/shop/hair/colour/mp-dyehardg.html


So would you use it Wice?

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