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If you want the world's most expensive salon treatment Stuart Phillip will be happy to accommodate you. You will have to fly to London first. He has three luxury . The cheapest is the Gold Package (one day) which costs 8,0000 pounds .This consists of • limo ride from the airport to the salon • champagne lunch upon arrival at the salon • hair consultation • head and scalp massage • cut and blow dry from Stuart Phillips himself • instruction to maintain your styling and suggestions for different ways to wear it • a selection of L'Oreal products to take home • limo ride back to the airport after your appointment There is also the the Diamond Package (two days), a mere 20,000 pounds; and the Platinum Package (quote only). If you’d like to read more, then go to: http://shirleyanderson.hubpages.com/hub/Worlds-Most-Expensive-Hairdresser That’s Stuart below. He used to be a body builder!


Lost the link. I'll try again....

I'm afraid even if I had all the money in the world I wouldn't spend any on this.

i laugh at this every time i see it hahaha im just thinking of hair cuts then i see this muscly guy.. im always like wtf!!


Was in the chemist today and saw they they have both pencils and crayon type dye that you can use to cover up your bug tracks. Such a sensible idea and not very expensive either!


I get mine cut every 3-4 months cause it gets split ends easily. I've just started to dye my own hair in the last year cause I have way too many greys (for my age, anyway) so grrrr. The budget's far too tight to let the hairdresser dye it :(


Last time I paid to get my hair coloured & cut was 2 yrs ago & cost me $170. It took nearly all day to highlight my hair because of how long & thick it is. 6 months later I died my hair black again, good times.


I have this indelible memory of a a real life scene that could have been taken from Top Model. My Mum and I were in Sydney and she decided she would treat me to a new hair style at the June Dally Watkins salon. While I was waiting I watched this beautiful girl have her waist length hair chopped to a boy cut. The tears just rolled down her cheeks as they snipped away and eventually she just burst into tears. I refused to let them touch me and my poor Mum had to apologise as we hastily left!

I loved my long hair as a kid. I would have left in a hurry too!


An equally distressing hair styling story unfolded while I was sitting at the hairdressers one day and a woman came in wearing a scarf and sunglasses. She took off the sunglasses. Her eyes were all red and puffy and it was obvious she had been crying. Then she took of the scarf and there was a great bald patch at the back of her head. Apparently she had been trying to set her hair and one of her rollers had got completely tangled at the back of her head. She had tried and tried and couldn't free it. Eventually frustration got the better of her. She panicked, got out the scissors and had just cut it off!!

awwwww!! Poor people! The trauma! I'd have sat there for....days if that's what it took to get the roller out! I like my hair long!


Holy cow! what kind of hightlights does he use? It would have to be pure gold for that price...OMG!!!


When you want to try something - but not on yourself.....whas this Mum done to hr child?!

lol at least hes young enough that you can blame the mum and think he looks like cute in a silly way!!

Bahahahaha!! I think thats cool! Poor kid but cool!


It looks pretty sunny - I wonder if the kid got sunburnt that day on his head?

lol if you get burnt when you have vivid on you... the vivid spot doesnt get burnt... so hed have stars burnt in his head lol!!

never even though about that before!

My daughter had one of those temporary tattoos on her arm and wouldn't let me wash it off for a week. When it finally came off she had a white mark where the tattoo had been in her tan.

I wished I tanned. I just stay a pasty shade of white.

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