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Haircuts and colouring

How often do you get your hair cut? How much money are you willing to put into it? Do you get it coloured at the hairdressers or do you ever colour your own hair? How often do you change your style or colour completely?

I get my hair cut probably about every couple of months, or when I finally get so sick of it that I have no choice but to go to the barbers. I'm a very simple kind of person who likes an easy-to-manage hairstyle so I don't really like to pay too much, just the standard charge. I don't colour my hair - well at least not yet! I change my style whenever I get sick of the current style, maybe once a year.


I cut and colour my own hair and always have done this. I think we might have talked about this on another thread if I remember correctly.


yer i do my own... and getting the back cut my mum does and i do mums haha!! dad always laughs when we at work doing haircuts!!


As long as everyone is in a good mood when they have the 'tools' in hand!

OH NO!!!


I've never died my hair but my hair has naturally changed colour a lot, so far. Always getting darker and darker. It was white blonde when I was young. Don't think it could be called blonde anymore...who knows where it's going to end up. Not sure if it has settled down altogether or not.


haha thats naturally exciting!!


I haven't had a hair cut in about a year now!! And that was just a trim....so my hair is getting reaaaaaally long. I think its more the fact I don't trust hairdressers...whenever I ask for a nice layered 'jaggered cut' i am left with a very unflattering blunt cut, which in my opinion is not very attractive!!!! They also cut waaaaaay too much off, which puts me off. I have however, cut my own fringe quite a few times and given myself a bit of a trim but besides that, my hair prob needs a big pamper ;). When it comes to spending money on hair....I think some people charge WAY TOO MUCH. My sister got her hair cut...was there for an unnecessary hour for a CUT, yes a CUT! and it cost her like $150 or something ridiculous. I would spent absolute TOPS $50....for a nice haircut....but generally I am given something that is not worth $50 unfortunately. I have previously have my hair streaked at the hairdressers and dyed...however, this is when I was like 14/15, when I didn't have a part time job and my mum paid for it!! Now adays I just buy a packet of dye and do it at home....its the same stuff that the hairdressers put in our hair i reckon anyway! Does anyone recommend a certain type of dye? My hair currently has three colours going on and is in a major need to a dye job!!! It has a reddy brown colour for most of my hair....my ashy blonde/mid brown regrowth and some random ginger tones!!!! Aaaaaaah. I am in need of a serious touch up!!! To answer the last question...I reckon I dye my hair about ever two months....(6times a year, wow that can't be good)...and I cut not very often at all. My hair is in a definite need to have some work done on it ;)

Maybe when you say 'jaggered cut' they think you mean Mick Jagger cut... :)


I'm really fussy when it comes to hairdressers. I used to par quite a lot and the hairdresser would do so little. I was fairly conservative with what I'd ask for but it was such a simple cuts, basically no layers etc. I'd rather that than deal with a disaster though! Recently my (newer) hairdresser moved away so going to someone new was a bit scary but luckily she seems really good! Phew!


I believe hairdressers wield almost godlike powers. They can make you feel fantastic or totally destroy your self esteem with a few snips of the scissors! I recall any number of friends over the years who have been devastated by their hairdressers folly. One girl I know wore a scarf for about a month after having her hair permed. Numerous friends had their hair done at great expense for a ball only to come home from the hairdresser and brush every bit of their style out. Others have had their hair coloured with so little regard for their skin tones that they looked like hookers. Then there are those who had their hair cut into totally inappropriate (stuffy, avant garde) styles, or too short or too spikey.... the list is endless. Like anything, if you were guaranteed value, then you wouldn't mind paying . However, I'm afraid I have never come across a hairdresser that I felt confident with and I hate having my hair done. Better just to do it myself then I only have myself to blame for bad hair days!


i dont remember the last time i went to a hairdresser... but sometimes i almost do just coz i think itll be fun... but hmm think i might dye my hair today =)


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