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Is it just me or is it just incredible expensive to get your hair done. Arghhh I nearly fell over I got a hair dye and a cut $185!! I have to say I have been dyeing it myself for a few years to save money. But wholly molley there wasnt streaks or anything fancy. Is it that kind of price all over the country? I think Im going to stick to my home dyes.. How can people afford this every 6 weeks??


I don't trust anyone but "the really good ones" with my hair. My last cut was $85 I think and I was VERY pleased with that.


I cut and dye my hair myself :) Life of a student haha

HAHA! Ditto ;)


i dye pretty much every one of my friends hair and i dye my own... and me and my mum cut eachothers haha


I pay $20. It's a lady who cuts out of the front room of her home. And last time she cut my kids hair too, all for a total of $30. She also does everything else a lot cheaper too. She's in Hamilton.


I'm much to scared to dye my own hair!!


It's really easy actually... Try dying someone else's first so you can see all the hair and understand the process... But it simple... Basically cover all the hair!!


Do you have any tips about what brands to try?


If you keep an eye out on the deal sites - they've usually got really good deals. Dye, foils, cut, blow dry/straighten for usually about $95. But once again, it's whether or not you trust the place. I got my hair done just before my wedding at a place off a deal website and they were a new chain. Will never get my hair done there again. Not to mention she left a massive blister on my ear from trying to curl my hair!!!


Ohh that doesnt sound very good Jacinta! I do sometimes wonder about the places that are on deal sites, whether their products or service isnt that good so they are trying get customers from advertising really cheapily? - I mostly wonder it about the food places that are on the deal sites.

The restaurant I work at has been on a deal site before - I think it's just about attracting new customers to a restaurant. Pretty much the same reason as appearing in the Entertainment Guide. The place I work is constantly full with a lot of regulars, and the food is great... What I normally do with deal sites is look up reviews of the place, and check their website as well. A few of the places seem really dodgy but most of them are actually really good.

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