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For those that hanker after the finer things in life, the most expensive bottle of perfume cost a mere 170,000 euros. It's called "Clive Christian No.1 and only ten bottles were produced. The bottle is made of Baccarat crystal and encrusted with a five carat diamond. It also has an 18carat gold collar around the bottle's top. ... and now that I have brought this to everybody's attention, I expect that if we all bring it to our other halves attention, maybe sometime after Christmasa , one or two Chelsey readers might be able to tell us what it smell like! LOL!

yer... dont see that happening any time soon =P plus i dont think i could in my right mind justify spending that much on purfume... its just wrong....


Lately I've been wearing Pleasures & Gucci Envy Me, Pretty floral scents. Does anyone have any tricks to making the scent last longer on them? I often feel inclined to spray myself a lot of times because the smell disappears after a few minutes - and that's with Parfums, not EDT's :/


armani code for wome is simply devine, but on a cheaper note guess marciano is delicious! In fact any of the GUESS fragrances are and so much cheaper....there is an american site from which i buy from, and its at least 1/3 the price to buy it here and postage is free. It just takes a few weeks to arrive, but well worth the wait


Wow have to check some of these purfumes out, haven't really been able to afford any in a long time and only really use roll on but now I am going to find one that is a bit "me" as well!


I always wonder about perfume and just why we wear them nowadays. OK, in past centuries they were there to cover up our bodily odours but now, do we wear them for ourselves or our (prospective) partners? The question always pops up in my mind when I am looking for after shave or cologne for hubbie. I buy something that I like and don't really think so much about whether he would like it or not - usually something fresh with citrus bit rather than musky or spicy. But then I think to myself, I really like this smell so I would like to wear it. Why not buy this for me rather than him? It makes me wonder if men like the usually sweeter perfumes that women wear. Do they buy us perfumes they like to smell and if so, would they, like me, want to wear them themselves?


....I'm all for Lacoste, Jadore or CK.....and my partner loves his Hugo Boss...or the more reasonably priced Adidas too.....


Paul Smith Women Eau de Parfum...Very light and florally...Awesome!


I've always worn Victoria's Secret perfumes. Some of them are fruity, while others are feminine. I prefer feminine scents since the fruity ones remind me of fruit juice. I like fruity but I'd rather eat or drink it than having it as my scent.


Definitely have a look at strawberry net, the perfume is cheap and has a wide range. i always find the perfume is best when you can't smell it. although that sounds weird, a good perfume is never smelt by the wearer. also go to a chemist or farmers and smell perfumes, find ones that you particularly like and find out what the ingredients are. like what are the base notes and top notes, then when looking for perfumes keep a look out for the ones with the certain notes. The victoria secret perfumes are very good as they range. but it all depends on the person as smells can be better on some. hope you find one! :)


theirs nothing quite like the wiffl of a nice perfume, when a lady walks by!


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