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Do you have a favourite? I'm on the look out for something "me" so I'd love to hear what everyone else uses or likes.

Chanel - Madamoiselle (I have no idea how to spell it) But mine has just run out


i love lacoste - touch of pink!! its sooooo yummy!!


I am often deeply affected by perfumes. I find they can transport me, seduce me or refresh me. They can really set my mood from confident and businesslike to softly feminine, or wickedly sensuous. I don't have one bottle of perfume but many and I wear perfume every day. I wear it more for my own pleasure than for others. My golden rule is that perfume should be used sparingly. I believe its beauty is in its subtlety and it should only be perceptible to others if they are very close to me. I find it extremely offensive when people reek of perfume so strongly that so you want to move away from them. Worse still, if they are sitting near you in a restaurant and their scent permeates the flavours of your food. Movie theatres are another place where one is often overwhelmed. Who hasn’t felt like getting up and moving on occasion! My Mum taught me how and where to use perfume and, even if just for the sake of others, it is a pity that not everyone is as fortunate. Perfume is not deodorant there to mask other smells, but should be a like intimate secret to share with just a selected few (i.e. those close enough to hug you). For me it is magic to brush cheeks with a friend and discover her defining personal fragrance. It certainly becomes a very special link. I recall a work colleague coming into the office one morning and standing by my desk. As she moved, the gentlest hint of perfume wafted over me and I immediately remembered my late Grandmother. “Je Reviens”? “Yes! In the round bottle!” Stranger still, for those reading this who don’t speak French, is that “je reviens’ means “I will return”! Did you know the most concentrated, longest-lasting scents are called perfumes or parfums; eau de parfum comes next, then eau de toilette and finally eau de cologne. (Eau means 'water' in French). They are normally priced accordingly. If you are buying, remember perfumes do smell different on different people so don't choose one just because you like it on someone else. Best advice is to buy a coffre of those little sample bottles if you can; or try a different perfume every time you visit your chemist. There is absolutely no point in trying a different one at the same time on each wrist - the scents will simply get confused. Also, don’t go for inexpensive over sweet lolly water either unless you really want to smell like a lolly. . Even though they seem expensive, a premium perfume always has more depth and complexity and endures longer on your skin. You will also need to use far less and I guarantee you will feel very special whenever you wear it. I love a fresh, light, energising cologne during the day, especially in summer- perhaps Lancome's O d'Azur. If I am feeling in a particularly gentle, romantic mood, then Gucci in its delicate pink bottle reflects this. My favourite perfume - with a bit more personality - is Paloma Picasso. I always try to have a supply of both the eau de parfum for evenings and the eau de toilette, which being lighter, is more suitable during the day. I also prefer atomisers which are much easier to use and less wasteful. “Joy” by Jean Patou was advertised as the most expensive perfume in the world in 1936. It was a shock when I stayed at a B & B in France a few years ago, to see a bottle had been left in the bathroom for my use! Finally, I always think it is quite funny that men wear aftershaves that women are supposed to like. Isn’t it a bit of a dichotomy, assuming women enjoy these scents so much, that they don’t they wear them themselves? Instead women choose scents that men are supposed to like but wouldn’t be caught dead wearing themselves!

Thanks for sharing that. I particularly love the story about Je Reviens.

I usually use perfume oils that contain 15% or more perfume oil.

I have a bit of a soft spot for notes of vanilla, tonka, and some citrus and berry notes too.


Mariah Carey's Lollipop Bling Ribbon is very yummy!!


I avoid perfumes and fragrances due to them often setting off my sinuses. A day out shopping can often be wrecked for me by one person doused in too much of a pungent perfume walking by or standing too close - providing me with a searing headache or streaming nose.


Yes, despite my love of perfumes, whatever gives cleaners that orangey smell, makes me quite nauseous and gives me an awful headache. Also, quite a few of the shower cleaners make me feel the same.


I LOVE 'So Sinful'. You can get it from your local farmers store (that's where I usually get it from). I would describe it as being quite sweet smelling. Its quite a bit cheaper than other perfumes which I believe are waaaaay overpriced. Probably due to their name or whatever. I too can get affected by perfumes that are too intense in smell! If I put on a perfume and it feels as though I can taste the actual perfume in my mouth...I know that its not good for me! It's definitely important to try out a perfume before buying obviously, not only for smell reasons but if it affects you in any way etc! Good luck in finding a perfume :)


I love to smell good, i absoloutly hate it when i run out of perfume, and i did not so long ago. The thing is the nice fragrances are really expensive. So i find it a real treat to buy myself some. My mum had an accident and i took care of her till she recovered. As a thankyou she brought me a beautiful fragrance called LOUD by Tommy Hilfiger - it is delishous. I asked mum where she got it from and she said FARMERS. I do realise people have different scents that they like and don't but i do highly recommend it.


Farmers have a great range of perfumes! Check out Parallel imported...They have a great range but also at a fraction of the price!!!! Brands like Calvin Klein, Hugo Boss, Christian Dior & D&G! I recomend checking this place out, I found a perfume here that is usually like $90 at farmers, I got it for $39.99 here! SO MUCH CHEAPER but exactly the same. MAAAAAAAN these places must be making huge profit?!? http://www.parallelimported.co.nz/fragrances-cosmetics.html


strawberrynet has amazingly cheap perfume aswell.. i got my partner his fav for christmas for like half price!! and they dont take too long to ship it to you...

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