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Eyeliners - what works bests for you?

I must have tried every type of eye-liner made - liquids, powders, pends, pencils, pots... They all seem to work differently. Some are easier to apply than others. Some smudge to give a soft look while others spodge for panda eyes. Some are waterproof, some vanish at the first blink. Some give a lasting peelable hard line. Some are shiny. Some are matt. Some need powdering. Some look like plastics strips. I'd love to hear people's different experiences (good and bad) with using eyeliners. What works best for you for the kind of look that you like?


i like the twist out pencils - coz i always cant find i sharpener when i need one... although they are no good if you want a super thin line... i use liquid for doing that.... But in saying that... right now im using the this lizzy one.. which is a pencil... but the lid is a sharpener so its not so hard to find :P


I like the ones that have sharpeners on the end makes life easy. I find DB Brands good for pencil liquid natio is pretty legit


I've been loyal to Covergirl perfect blend for about two years now! Works good for me..i like that smokey smudge sort of look though :) Thats why it suits me! Works well for that...but on the 'fat lip' (i think thats what its called) it seemed to come off real quick!! I want to get one that doesn't do that. Otherwise I'm pretty happy with this product! Half is a smudgy swabby thing, and the other half is the actual 'pencil' or crayon :)


I've always thought the tattoo eyeliner would be convenient. Has anyone tried this and any regrets?


I haven't tried tattoo eyeliner but recon it looks kind of creepy and then you'd always be stuck with the same style, what happens when you're old won't it creep your grandchildren out or when you wake up first thing in the morning. You could never be all natural again, often the sexiest of all the looks and I know many guys that prefer no makeup or very little natural makeup to loads.


I like a brown liquid eyeliner so it's not so harsh and is really easy to apply - apparently light feathery strokes are best. Good luck.


I like australias - it's quality, cheap and best of all kind to our furry friends! It's a bit smugy - but i love this look!


Liquid Eyeliners are so out for me..I just don't have the steady hand control. And I don't like the wooden pencil ones you have to sharpen. The best eyeliner for me, and I have tried lots, but stuck to this one through the years since mum used to get the avon catalogues is...AVON Glimmersticks. Yes, Avon! You can pick them up on special for next to nothing, and they are fab! Lots of colours available, and they 'wind up' rather than having to use a sharpener. They really are good.


I like the liquid because it lasts the longest, pencils seem to fade and smudge. Anyone got permanent (tattooed) eyeliner applied? I've thought about it... but would love to hear about others' experiences.

liquid liners are scary to put on though!!

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