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Eyelash extensions

I am getting eyelash extensions on wednesday because they have a special on at the moment and even though i'm blessed with long lashes already i can't help but try them out as everyone around me is getting them. I will get even longer ones and quite think ones as otherwise there won't be a change. I was just wondering what other Chelsey readers think of them. Have you had them and did you like them or hate them??? I know they are a maintainance and money thing but as i am now working hard at a new job and its my birthday i think i deserve a treat.


I've never had them. Let us know what they're like!


I have really short lashes and have thought about getting extnesions , would be interested in hearing about anyone's outcomes....


I haven't had them done but I know a few people who have.. one of which has them done regularly. She loves them and I have to say they look fantastic!!


Well they have their place, but certainly not for everyday makeup. Who's got time. Keep it simple l say


I've never had them but I think they look great. I get my lashes dyed every now and again and I love that 'always wearing mascara' look - so practical. Enjoy - it sounds like you deserve a treat! :)


I had my lashes done and i absolutely love them. They look so natural too as lots of people didn't even notice till i said something. I do get lots of comments though saying i have gorgeous lashes. I love the fact that i don't have to worry about mascara on the top lashes and also that i find i don't even need eyeliner on the top lids either. I did try it but it looks too heavy. You can get them done super long and think for an occasion or get a mix with some long and some medium for an every day look. It took two hours to get them done, i did find that the glue used irritated me slightly which made my eyes weep but as soon as she was done it came right. Apparently this is very normal. I do feel like i will want to keep them now and to maintain them you need to get infull's so it would be like maintaining false nails. :)


They last up to 2 to 4 weeks, but everyone is different. Am hoping mine last as long as possible to keep the cost down :)


As long as the look natural its all good, its when they are blatantly obvious that they are add ons that it starts to look odd. I just really dislike the thought of putting any type of glue near my eyes, i'm so uncoordinated i'd probably glue my eyes shut instead!


haven't tried them but would like to experiment bec the ladies i see with long lashes look distinctly beautiful!

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