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....IMHO this is taking it a tad to far by injecting your forehead with Saline, but some seem to like the process, is interesting but is not my cup of tea.......I have read and seen other forms of extreme body art but this one is out there....what do you think? do you have any other examples of extreme body art....

Heres the article


Oh my gosh, I saw this on Facebook the other day! I think its absolutely rediculous! Who the heck thought up the idea of thinking it was cool to have a doughnut shaped forehead?! LMAO


...yes I can't understand the attraction myself but they all seem happy with it....lol....unless they are on some highten meds....lol why would you want to do that to your face and head area of all things I have heard of people that do like these big bracelet things under the skin around there wrists and leg areas but to walk around with your forehead like that yuck!....gives a new meaning to bagel head though lol


Sorry not for me. I would be horrified if any of my daughters got into that sort of body art, yuck


I heard them talking about this on the radio today. Who on earth would want to pump botox into their forehead and stick their thumb in the middle to make it look like a donut?!


That's hilarious. I guess since it's just saline it won't do any harm and will go away naturally but they look like they're off star trek! even a heart shape would be better than a bagel surely?


I think body modification can go just a bit too far sometimes. I really dont think much of the whole saline donut head idea but even with other mod's like tattoo's, piercings etc I think people need to put alot more thought into what thier getting rather than ending up looking like a sticker book. Even piercings, I'v made mistakes, even been told off by my docter, so all I can say is plan it, make sure it's right for you and get it done by a professional. :-)


There is body art and then there is freaky, and putting saline under the skin on your forehead or elsewhere is just weird, and there are probably some sort of health risks too. Stick with the piercings that can be removed. My body is a blank canvas and i'm happy to keep it like that.

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