Discussing :: Electric toothbrushes - nice, necessry or not-worth-the-money!


Electric toothbrushes - nice, necessry or not-worth-the-money!

I've used an electric toothbrush for a few years now. It was luxury rather than a necessity for me, but I liked my first brush so I got one for hubby too. He lasted about a month with it. He didn't like the feel at all and kept worrying that it was too rough on his enamel. It made his gums bleed sometimes. A few months later he was back with his manual brush.

My Mum was told to get and electric toothbrush by her dentist. Unlike my supermarket model, it cost her nearly $300. A year later, he told her not to use it as it was damaging her gums.

Well I’ve stuck with my electric brush and recently upgraded to a new model via my credit card points. It has wi-fi - so you can see where you are brushing on a little display on the wall (do I really need to do this?) A coded beeper (beeps increase in number as you go) goes off at timed intervals letting me know when to change quadrants. If I press too hard a little red light comes on. I have a choice of five ‘procedure’ settings.

I’ve had it about three months now and I use it just like my original simple, inexpensive, ‘supermarket’ model. Turn it on. Brush. Turn it off when I’ve cleaned as much as I want. I never look at the wall display. I brush when and for how long I want. I have never seen the warning red light come on. I use one settting (normal) only.

It made me think. I know I don’t need all these ‘features’ yet there must be a market for this sort thing. Are they worth $285 (the price my brush retails for)? For me no.

Any thoughts?


Great gadget, ideal for kids too!


I think they are totally worth the money. They seem to clean your teeth better or at least that's what it feels like. Most of them have a timer on them that lets you know when 2mins is up so you brush your teeth longer. They are good for kids they think it's more fun than a regular tooth brush.


I've never actually used a electric brush. And from what I've heard they can do damage. Personally I wouldn't pay more than $10 for a toothbrush.


I really like my electric toothbrush and find my teeth just don't feel as clean without it. With saying that though I only have the cheap supermarket battery powered version. That seems to work for me. $300 is way too much for me to spend on a toothbrush.


Electric toothbrushes are definitely the way to go however as said above you don't need the very expensive ones I spent abit more than the supermarket version so it tells me how long to spend on each section of teeth. I feel I get a great clean that I never would with a manual tooth brush, my dentist also recommends it with flossing and using mouthwash for all over protection of your teeth. I would rather spend more on a good toothbrush then paying for fillings etc the idea of dentist bills scare me!


I've used electric t.brushes and i think they're worth it, my teeth just feel cleaner from such a powered brush, i'd recommend them.


I've never tried an electric toothbrush, maybe I should get up with the times and my teeth and gums would feel so much better


couldn't do without my Electric Tooth brush,was recommended by Dentist, cleans teeth better than the other ones


Electric toothbrushes produce a far better clean on your teeth than manual ones.


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