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Dyeing Hair Crazy Colours!

I'm wanting to dye my hair bright purple. Any hints/ tips on procedures or brands to use at a reasonable price?


try to avoid ones with red base.. and they are the hardest ones to get out... like when you go to try and re dye it another colour there is always a red tinge too it... so you cant go blonde coz youll end up morange!!

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I’ve watched a few youtubes about dying your hair purple. One thing I learnt is that you need to take account of your original colour as this will make a huge difference to the final result. Dark hair doesn’t’ come up very well. You end up with a purple parting and not a great deal else. Some advise to bleach your hair first. With blonde or bleached hair, the purple colour comes up really, really bright!

Here’s some advice on brands from Keri Withington. Did a quick web serach and these brands seem to b available in NZ
“Schwarzkopf has a huge presence in the hair industry, and their Live range has a great assortment of bold permanent colours. Schwarzkopf produces several different purple dyes in this range, but not all dyes are created equal. When I first used XXL Mystic Violet (years ago), I liked it. I used it over my mostly brown hair, and it gave it a subtle purple hue. However, when I tried it again recently, it was a complete disaster. The result was uneven hair that was obviously not purple.
Mystic Violet is not Schwarzkopf's only contribution to the realm of purple hair dye, though. Undeterred, I bought a box of their Live Luminance Lightening Colorant L76 Ultra Violet. The concept was great; it was supposed to lighten my hair and the dye it purple all in one process. The result was far from perfect, though. It just didn't have the strength to both lighten and dye, and so didn't really do either. I decided to always bleach and dye in two separate steps from now on.”

Another website giving loads of information is http://www.ansearch.co.nz/search?search=purple+hair+dye&cc=com
Which has links to discussions on just about every aspect of colouring your hair purple.


you could always go for a purple wig instead - that would be very purple, and also reversible!!

lol thats no fun!!!


Have to admit Anna, I was very tempted to give you a purple rinse! Let me know if you are game ;-D


lol ive had purple hair before... should try to find a photo =P


I cant find my purple purple.. but here a pink purple one... lol i was at a dress up party!! i dont normal wear collars hehehe


That's gorgeous Anna. You always make me smile - I think you must be a great friend - so full of fun and energy!

She's a generous type too - she suggested KH not herself to get the eye make up!

And the purple brings out the colour of your eyes too! ~Perhaps I can see why you guys are more for the full on hair dye rather than the wig!

lol thanks... yer the hair dying is fun... i mean common.. it grows out!! wheres the harm in giving it a go.. and if you hate it you can always use a dye stripper or dye over it a darker colour!!!


lol thanks!! yer i am quite the energetic type =P


hello, hope you all are going well, can you please, guide me a bit what color codes in best product i can use to have like this dude, thanks

Michelle W

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