Discussing :: Dry, cracked hands - a curse.


18 months ago I had double hand surgery which unfortunately hasn't been successful.
My fingers are curling into my palms & I have a devil of a job keeping my hands in a decent state.
I find wearing gloves (I can pull on) an absolute godsend when working in water or the garden & gallons of moisturiser certainly benefits me.
I would so love to be proud of my ugly hands & certainly envy those blessed with beautiful hands & nails.


My dad is a builder and we buy him a silicone based handcream from the chemist that he thinks is magic (can't remember the name sorry) but it creates a barrier over the hands to stop them drying out.


Only option is cream and gloves. The only thing worse than dry hands are dry heels -


I get eczema on my hands - I have for the past 4 or so years. I also get eczema behind my knees/elbows as well. It can get quite bad - swells up and gets cracked etc etc. I would be interested to hear of a moisterizer that one would recommend? I got stuff from the doctors which is the strongest steroid cream but I only use if things get real bad as it can have its bad side effects (ugh don't want that!) I can't rermember what my hands looked like eczema-less!


Vaseline helps a lot.


I have always had a problem with cracked, dry, sore hands. I think it may be a reaction to certain hand soaps/washing liquids, as it occurs randomly. So it is not a constant problem (which is good). I am writing this to let those of you, who also have this problem, know to try Neutrogena Hand Cream. This is the best product I have tried, use this a couple of times and it is cleared up. As it says on the blurb "provides prompt relief for even seriously dry, chapped hands". Hope this helps :)


My son and I have had the flu. I wash my hands constantly anyway but this has made me wash them more. I'm forever putting on my Dr Haushcka and Ecostore handcreams


as a male, and in the building industry, i, surprisingly, have soft hands, my partner is quite jealous of how soft they are, considering they do work in a harsh environment, and i cant quite explain this phenomena, as i dont use moisturizes, so sorry ladies, i cant give the secret...as i dont even know the secret lol


My hands dry out due to medication I am taking and no amount of moisturiser seems to help.


Go for heaps of moisturiser, and top up often if possible!


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