Discussing :: Denim - an undying fashion.


Denim - an undying fashion.

The wardrobe essential is Denim wear (shorts, skirts or shirts). Besides being practical, durable, & sexy. they remain ageless. What is your favourite item of Denim?


absolutely love my denim mini skirt - but if only it would fit me right now!


I love denim, but I'm not sure that I'd agree that denim items remain ageless. I just took all my wide leg jeans out of my draws for the exact reason that they look horribly dated now that everyone is wearing skinny legged jeans. Also, I'm not sure that denim really suits everyone. Men over about 50 can look a bit... wrong in jeans. Not all, some can certainly pull it off, but some just look better in kakis or cargo pants (without too many pockets...). In fact, older women don't seem to suit it as much, either. Some do, but I can think of a lot of older people I know who wouldn't... What do you think?


I think denim is always going to be in fashion as a material, but styles will always come and go and various styles of denim clothes can go out of fashion just like anything else. I'm very much an older person and I'm careful about what I buy in denim as I agree with StillMe that not everything will suit everyone.


My 4 & 5 year old children do not like denim in any shape or form, which is a big shame as I think they look so cute in it. Maybe they'll change their minds as they get older??


My daughter just bought a denim jacket, and it looks just great on her!


I think that denim will never go out of fashion, just the finishes will change in fashion every now and then.Like the hombre, faded, stone washed and other finishings .It is a very durable and versatile fabric :)


Cant go past denim jeans. I love a pair of dark blue jeans!


I bought a denim jacket a few years back from the warehouse for $5 from their end of season yellow dot sales. Guess they just didn't sell. But I love it, wear it all the time with floral dresses, maxis and jeans.


I own a pair of Bubblegum jeans (they are now 28 years old) I still fit them & they look as good as new. Sadly I always wore them with my Wrangler denim jacket until someone clearly needed my jacket more than me & lifted it. My heart was broken, so many good memories went with it.

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