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Crooked teeth: the new sexy!

A new fashion trend in Japan is turning the world upside down when it comes to the vision of perfect teeth that most of us have as a procedure called ‘Yaeba’ is becoming increasingly popular. It involves fitting caps to ordinary teeth for a deliberately juvenile – or ‘youthful’, as the wearers prefer to call it – look. The imperfection of crooked teeth is said to add to sex appeal, making a woman appear more approachable though some have concerns that it is sexualizing a childlike look… Girls have increasingly flocked to dental salons for yaeba. The cosmetic fad is the most sought-after procedure provided by Dental Salon Plaisir in Tokyo's Ginza district.” Have a look at the full article and pictures at: http://www.nydailynews.com/life-style/health/japan-crooked-teeth-yaeba-trend-imperfection-add-sex-appeal-article-1.1130812#commentpostform What do you think? Could this trend catch on in New Zealand?


For a pretty crazy video showing an example of the procedure, take a look below!


Could this be the new you?


Well they do eat a lot of fish l hear.


Reminds me of that time I heard Japanese were putting in donut-shaped botox on their forehead! A bit weird for my liking.


I just think we need to be happy with what we were given! Is crooked teeth is all we have to worry about then we're pretty lucky


I have nothing against crooked teeth but wouldn't purposefully make them so. I have a lot of problems with my teeth due to medication so my main concern is keeping them pain free. The procedure seems a bit of a waste to me, but each to their own.


Well that just seems ridiculous to purposely damage or deform a part of your body..


Err, serious? Oh my only in Japan, trying to think whom in the entertainment industry has crooked teeth that would have spawned this fade....


Haha oh my goodness this is ridiculous! But then again, its there teeth they can do what they want I guess...I wonder how it became a trend? Nothing against crooked teeth...but can't say I would go out of my way to get them made crooked...surely that would create medical problems...such as crossbite?

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