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Controlling your jiggly bits?

We’ve all seen them on TV and most of our grandmothers wore “girdles” much of the time. Slimmers, smoothers… call them what you like, what do you think about ‘foundation’ garments women wear to to reshape their bodies. Do you own one? How often do you wear it? Are they comfortable? Practical? Are they just for special occasions? How hard are they to put on and take off? Would you be embarrassed wearing one in front of your boyfriend/lover? What do husbands think of them? Do they work a bit or a lot - or is the illusion largely in the mind?


Here's how someone sees it http://barbarabroido.wordpress.com/2009/10/


Nature, will always have her way! ... Restraints, tie--downs or duct-tape are useful aids, but, in the end just flaunt it, with "Hey babe, I'm your hot mama" etc... (that's another issue)


I just think they would be uncomfortable and going loo would be a nightmare. My sister in law used to wear them but has given up. I think they just move your flabby bits somewhere else - like exploding out the top! All the hollywood stars seem to use them (and not need them) though!


...if your not comfortable in who you are....and your jiggly bits then do something about it....choose a health lifestyle, get a new wardrobe, socialise more or less....little changes makes for great adventures.....


Don't bother with shape changing clothes. just try to dress the best I can to hide the flaws. My friend has developed the jiggly arm syndrome and even though she is slim and has a great figure it has made her self conscious about wearing singlets. So I count my blessings. I have great arms (shame about the jiggly knees).


Embrace your jiggly bits! It what makes us women!! And if you dont like them, just dress to camoflage them!


Your jiggly bits are like a badge of honor, especially if you've had kids. Same with stretch marks and cellulite. Be proud :)


I think that's the key. If you dress for your body shape, try to hide the bits you don't like and enhance the bits you like then you will generally look good - and most importantly feel good. That's half the battle with clothes I think - feeling good in them otherwise no matter how good your outfit is you will look bad.


The programme on tv 'How to look good naked', guy called Gok, says shapewear is the way to go. I suppose it's like being squeezed in a sausage skin. Most people like sausage, therefore one fits in with society.......

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