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Clear healthy skin

Hey be honest how many of us have hours each day to spend pampering and preening ourselves? Not many. I have to say from my experience keeping my skin healthy looking I take omega 3 supplements each day we in the western world do not get enough fish in our diets and it's the best anti oxident on the market.I beleive Beauty comes from within so I can seriously reccomend doing this.........Happy fishing!!!!


I've found exactly the same thing! Omega 3 and a simple quick beauty routine work great for me.

Then it's not just me Yipeeee I have been telling my mates for ages and they all think I am nuts Thanks Janine


I keep my skin clear & healthy simply by using an SPF moisturiser everyday, eating healthy, & removing all of my make up whenever I wear it.

Good on you I always take my make up off to you would be amazed at the amount of girls that stagger into bed without taking their make up off.....Can you imagine the dirty pillow in the morning and make up never washes out!!!


Jojoba oil is great 4 the skin, non greasy too.

Hey I have never tried Jajoba oil please tell me more.....!!


...I love Jojoba oil products too...and they work wonders...I always try to wear an SPF moisturiser over my olive skin...and don't wear much make up to start off with...but I haven't tried Omega 3....does it have any fishy seafoody taste to them?...because I really don't like seafood....

You can actually buy odorless fish oil tablets and I can seriously recommend giving them a try you won't notice a difference overnight but honestly over time I have found I don't get the same amount of colds I used to......Good Luck...x

...awesome thanks for that Foreverme....I just came across this and yes may have to check out the odourless ones...

Hey Tudalum, you can buy odorless fish oil tablets.I take just take the normal ones and honestly I can't say any fishy taste.I really do swear by this stuff it has helped me heaps.....xxx

...cool thanks for that I have a thing about fish....lol...but is good to hear it is working for you do you notice any side effects or anything just curious?.....

Hey all good....My joints don't ache so much and I have had less cold viruses...I just have to remember to take them (obviously not helping with memory haha)

....hahaha...no worries by man said I have selective memory anyway....lol...but good to hear the side affects are minimal....


Drink enough water/ Get enough sleep. Use enough weather protection... then anything else you fancy!

Yeah Water always does wonders for Body,Mind and soul.....and as for fancying can you send me Brad Pitt gift wrapped haha promise to share him with you......x


... ah that was the last ingredient that I foargot to include - inner happiness will make you beautiful whether your skin is gorgeous or not!


I guess Brad Pitts unavailable then!!! Thought provoking and Yes happiness should come from within,but somehow forgotten in the chaos of our hectic lives. Everyday we have mountains to climb,hurdles to jump and bridges to cross... So happiness kinda gets put on the back boiler. We want to loose those extra few kilos,have to meet that deadline,slap on that extra mascara and then bow down to the day exhausted!!!! We need to take time for simple pleasures, take time out for me,spend time with the family,enjoy the sun while it's out and have that extra gooey,fudgey choc tim tam and with that I strive to be Happy!!!!


Awesome choice of nickname Dee Dee it is my best mate who I love to bits nickname too.She's coming home Feb so can't wait......


My mum takes them too, and her skin is lovely. Hmm.

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