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Clean teeth - more than just a feeling!

Sometimes I wonder how much we are taken in by the hype. In the old days, people used salt to clean their teeth. Then there was that bright pink tooth cream that came it in little tins. Nowadays we have mint, mild-mint, bicarbonate of soda, tartar control, fresh-mint, opticwhite, pro-health, aqua-fresh, max, herbal…
I recently saw an article about a Japanese toothpaste scented with ‘takoyaki’ takoyaki’ (a popular Japanese street food also known as, erm, octopus balls)… and thought I would find out what other strange flavours were available. A quick search found the following flavours

Banilla Bling
Charcoal (Korea) – yes it’s black!
Clove and Sweet Orange

I’ll always go for a flavour that makes my mouth feel fresh and doesn’t taste sweet. I can’t imagine that clean feeling coming from a Marmite or bacon flavoured toothpaste. Are clean teeth all in the mind? What do you think?


Don't believe me...


Beats having to go to the Dentist unnecessary, or having 'dog-breath'......

I think strawberries even work. First of all create a pulp of strawberries then apply that to your teeth with a toothbrush. Let it sit for five minutes and then rinse your mouth well with water this even helps in Teeth Whitening.

I guess you would need to be a bit careful about getting rid of the seeds that catch between your teeth.

But strawberries have sugar in them....


Nothing like that bit of spinach in one's teeth.........


Marmite toothpaste!!! Ewwwww - whyyyyyy??

I've started using something called 'tooth mousse', which is pretty pricy at $30 a tube, but my dentist reckons it will strengthen my teeth. Being paranoid about my teeth I already flossed every day, but this stuff you put on for two minutes after you brush (and floss) and then leave it on for 2 minutes and spit, but don't rinse. Honestly, it seems like it's just toothpaste without the burning feeling that develops if you leave toothpaste in your mouth for too long.

Don't know if it works yet. Going to the dentist in a couple of weeks. If it works I'll keep it up, at a cost of about $100 a year...


Love fresh breath - must brush at least four times a day.


That's a wee bit weird.. think I will stick with plain mint. Carrots are apparently really good for cleaning teeth, eating raw ones helps get rid of stuff that gets caught in there

They say apples are good too. But carrot, and apple peel, just seems to get stuck in my teeth. Or in my nose if I cough. But that's probably another thread....



Apples always get stuck in my teeth which is annoying!


Love fresh breath, nothing worse than stale breath.


Listerine strips always carry a pocket pak ahh

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