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Christmas Cards? Personal touch or just a waste of money?

I love giving and receiving Christmas cards. I keep the beautiful or funny ones, or those from dear freinds always thinking they might be useful cutouts for rcycling one day - but they aren't! Individual cards can cost $6 or $7 and packets work out anything form about $2 - $5 a card. Postage is now 70cents so it's an expensive exercise sending out cards even if you make your own. Do you ever buy your Christmas cards during the Boxing Day or January sales? One of the things I love about Christmas cards is that they are one way of staying in touch with people you don't see very often - something to remind each other that they are remembered. I excahnge cards with some people I haven't seen for years but whom I still think about and wonder how they are going. To me there is something very personal about a handwritten card and even the choice of design, often speaks of the sender. Still, I have lots of friends who think cards are a total waste of money and resources and are perfectly happy to zap off an email freebie. What are your thoughts? Will you be giving or sending any Christms cards this year.? To whom do yo send them - just family, or friends and work colleagues too? Or do you wait to see who sends you a card and only send one to those from whom you get one?


Do you think Christmas cards should have a religious slant or do yo prefer jolly santa or winter wonderland cards? What about funny cards at Christmas? Do you think that we shoudl have our own sort of Summer Christmas cards in NZ? What do yo think of Victorian cards like this one?


....I think xmas cards are great depending on who they are for and they can be a combination of purchased cards, home made cards, or what I have been doing for the special ones in my family Christmas slide shows, the thing I like about Christmas slide shows is that you can add photos, sounds and cool effects and the ones you send them to can be personalised for them and they can have a digital copy.....am planning to do a couple for this christmas as well.....sorry forgot to mention no they are not a waste of time but for me personally I like to mix up how they are presented in different forms


We used to do Xmas cards, but they just got less and less and now I've just stopped. Mum used to love hearing from distant relatives to see what they were up to but I'm more like if you haven't seen or heard from someone during the year - who cares. I have been doing the digital birthday/Xmas cards but must admit I am also a sucker for saving a cute picture to do God knows what with. I once made a scrapbook for my niece out of cutouts and she LOVED it, so might get around to doing that again sometime, or take them into daycare for collage - the kids love cutting them up and gluing them.

I agree Claire....my nieces and nephews the younger ones love to cut up and glue things together so I might see if they want to do a big collage scrapbooking type of thing sometime soon during a Saturday to put something together....am hoping that will pull them away from their game players....but yes collage is a great idea as oppose to just straight xmas cards....I like doing a digital slide show etc, but this would be just as interesting too.....


The only cards i really give are ones i make myself... those are the true ones with a personal touch!! otherwise you just end up writing the same boring thing in every card and then it is a waste of money!

Agreed!!! Its personal only when its been made by you :)


I bought several boxes of Cancer Awareness fundraising Christmas cards from the supermarket. They are attractive cards but to personalise them, I went to Spotlight and bought all sorts of tiny decoratons adhesive (diamantes, pearls, holly leaves, tiny Christmas trees, etc. ) which I've incorporated into the designs. I think that they look really special now and I'm really looking forward to sending them out.


I love cards- it's important to me to feel someone has 'taken time' to think of me... if you get me. I always send them out. This year I got a pack of 10 for $10. Cute Hallmark ones with a tree made out of gingerbread men, candy canes, presents and owls... They're gorgeous. My family (Dad & stepmum, aunts/uncles/cousins, mum, brother & his gf, babies dad) and close friends are getting them. Stamps are the real pain in the arse hahah expensive!


every year I get less and less cards, so I havent bothered sending any this year I often like sending a xmas greeting by email, but I always have a spare pack on me just in case.


Xmas cards are good when they are made personally and have meaning other than that i would never buy them unless they are the ones going to a good cause


I sent a Christmas card to a friend of mine who has always told me she thinks that they are a total waste of money. Anyway, I bumped into her yesterday and guess what... The first thing she said was "Thank you for the gorgeous Christmas card." She had a big smile on her face and I think she was really chuffed! I'd never sent her one before because of her negative comments but I'm so glad I did this year. I know we both felt good :-)

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