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I dont care who advertises it because of course they would use their best looking celeb who may even have had other interventions.With all the ways pics and film can be fiddled with its wise to take all advertising with a large grain of salt.For me a free sample is the best advertisement so I can see and try the product.

Agreed, I buy practically everything I get a sample of :D much to my boyfriends chagrin I'm sure ;D


I am inclined to agree with Poster #1, what is never taken into account is the huge spending power these celebrities have as well as time to be pampered and preened. Ms Average has to "make do" with the best she can, yet very often she looks more natural and equally attractive. Love to see some of the celebs in the raw occasionally!


I don't mind celeb endorsements but it does annoy me when they sneak them into movies!

My one exception to that would be Waynes World 2, they mocked the whole thing pretty well.


I take celeb endorsements with a pinch of salt. I buy because something is tried & tested by family or friends, because it's good, reliable, trustworthy etc. I'm brand loyal to many companies but I still like to try new things regularly & with prices for quality going up & the plethora of crap on the market getting larger (& better disguised) I find it pays to research things I want to try & read about projected results & many reviews, for & against, to help decide what to buy. I dislike the new Jen Aniston ads for Aveeno as they seem a bit conceited to me (the ad concept not the lady herself) but the Manu Feildel ones for Campbell's that blatantly make light of celeb endorsing, I find quite funny and it does make me think about the company in a different light, which is exactly what they wanted I suppose but I make my own soups and stocks so they won't get me this time :D


not a fan of celebrity endorsements it is more a marketing thing for the product and more money for the celeb. Look at the adverts that celebs do in Japan and China they don't even know how to pronouce some of the products or what they are used for but they are happy to sell it to the masses. I am sure there are some celebs that really support the products they endorse but with others I believe it is all about the money and marketing exposure for their careers especially if the product sells well.....


It's amazing how many people are subtly influenced by the endorsements all the same (I guess that's why they keep doing it). My neice is just giddy about her parents stumping up money they don't have for Pro-active in the hope it will sort her skin out in the tender moments of being a teen at school - grrrrrr! Is all I have to say about that! And what about Britney?????? Do celebs actually use the products they endorse, she couldn't even stick to Pepsi ...


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