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I was asked to conduct a survey recently for a make up company and one of the questions I was asked is "what don't you like about our brand".I answered Celebrity endorsements. I don't know if anyone else agrees, but does it really sell more products?
Do they even wear the make up they are endorsing?Probably a big fat pay cheque is all it's about......


I don't think they wear the stuff they advertise. Same goes with not just make-up but household appliances, like the vacuum that Suzanne Paul advertises. I've heard of celebs just spitting out food they have advertised and things like that. They get paid to do it, so it's likely that they don't all use/wear/eat etc what they advertise. I would happily advertise using a product I don't like for lots of money. Seeing a celebrity advertise something does not prompt me to want to buy anything at all. Actually does the opposite!


i think celebrity endorsements are so dumb!! i mean.. just because it says so and so likes this doesnt mean i will buy the product... infact usually makes me think its stupid... and when i dont like the celebrity it makes it even worse!! because i dont want to be associated with something that they are associated with!!


It actually turns me off as you know the mags photoshop celebrities and you wonder just how real any photo of them is, regardless of how good the makeup is. The funniest celebrity endorsements at the moment are the Olympic medalists promoting things - they appear so awkward 'acting' as themselves


I have wondered whether the celebrities actually use the products too...especially skincare products. If they had evidence that the were used by the celebrities, then maybe I would be convinced but really, endorsements do nothing for me. I would rather see an everyday person use the products and actually see some true results to show something actually works. I hate wasting hard earning money on the latest products only to find they are not good at all.

haha i doubt it!! they would use super fancy stuff!! and so many time - esp with food and drink ones... you know the celebrity wouldnt touch the stuff!!


They do it for the money honey! It doesn't make me more likely to buy anything that is endorsed by celebrities, probably puts me off buying things actually. Some celebs are honest and will only endorse things they actually use/eat/drink but most no....money talks.


celebrity endorsements are a big turn off personally, but in the end people will buy whatever they are going to buy regardless of a celebrity being in an advertising campagn. In the end a celebrity profits, usually the company selling the product profits, but where is the benefit to the consumer, you probably end up paying more at the checkout.


I personally dont buy a product just because of the celebrity endorsements I often just buy a product if I like it. I think some brands have far to many celebrity endorsements that it comes off that they have heaps of money to buy celebritys to use for advertising. I dont think celebrity endorsements are wrong as it does help sell the products especially to the teenagers but having to many is a real turn off for me buying a product.


Celebrity endorsements have no influence on me at all. The statement that shows they have great skin has no evidence to say that a specific product contributed to the result. The model might naturally have flawless skin or they may have applied other products to hide the blemishes before accepting the role to promote the product.


I guess it's up to the individual on what they think makes a good product. The fact that celebs swear by it or it actually is a good product. But you'll just have to test it for yourself.

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