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Celebrities without Makeup on

...not knocking the merits of wearing makeup I was just sent this video link by a friend and found it interesting because most of the time we see the glamourous side of a celebrity...and not them o naturale with out makeup....it's just good to see they are actually just like us....you have to excuse the music with the video it is a bit explicit but my focus was on the video itself and just wanted to share it here....

heres the vid


I reckon Halle Berry is so beautiful even without make up on, I wonder what she uses

...yes I agree I like Halle and JLo too they both look pretty good without makeup on and I too would love to know what they use....probably something out of our price range....and must consist of a number of things i suspect


As I watched this, I thought of cakes without icing - as they would say in Masterchef, "Even if they don't look as pretty, it's how the cake tastes that matters in the end!"

....hahahaha too true....


How annoying that you're trying to look at their faces but the writing is on them.


Oh dear.... I feel mean posting these but I think they will make many of us feel a bit betterr about outrselves sans makeup

The funy thing is... i deff dont think that different without make up on... so it makes you wonder a little...


Its Photoshop mainly that makes these celebs look hot! We could all look AMAZING with Photoshop :p. I reckon everyone looks beautiful au naturelle ;) Plenty of water, fruit and veges and sleep will give you glowing skin and then caking on that foundation won't be necessary ;) It looks fake and ew.


Not just photoshop though. The makeup definitely plays a part as well in making them look the way they do! The crux of the matter is why we think the natural images are less attractive than the made up or photoshopped images. Why don't we want to look the way we all do?

...by the looks of those pictures some really must put a lot of makeup on...sheesh...but in their line of work it is probably warranted.....but still!

Probably because if you're doing certain things like brightening your eyes, applying colour to dull lips, you're making yourself look younger and healthier. You can hide a lot of flaws with cosmetics. Which would generally all mean more attractive to a potential mate.

Even if we're not looking, I'm sure we tent to feel better about ourselves if we have the ability to attract.

In the natural images you posted the celebs do look a bit tired and run down. I doubt if I passed then in the street I'd stop to "think that person looks unattractive".

...I think they have to look a certain way...and they are probably that way inclined in their professions because their names and status sell movies, tv etc etc, and if you are portrayed as something stunningly beautiful in most instances for women in these types of industries you may not get much work or attention....especially from photographers....


That's my point. We accept and love our friends and family with or without makeup. We think even the ugliest kids are beautiful if they are ours. However, when it comes to ourselves as women, most of us persist in covering our faces with makeup and trying to make them fit a media driven image. We all put on our masks and somehow this transforms us so we think we are more attractive. However, did you kow that according to historians, makeup for women was not approved of during the C19. On the other hand, men used to wear makeup (the Egyptians, Medieval European Castrati, C18 men, etc.) but maybe they realised the error of their ways! It is only in 'primitve 'societies that we see men with heavy makeup nowadays. So why are we women still such suckers? Take a look at the pics. Do the men look more attractive with makeup? Why do we think that we do - celebrities or not? s

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