Discussing :: Can jeans be taken to exec level?


Can jeans be taken to exec level?

Is there a fine line between too casual and uber-cool? Does the 'power of your position' go down a slippery slide if you rock into the CEO office in jeans? I guess it depends on the company/image somewhat...


we have every last Friday of each month a jeans or casual day, and we each pay a $2 dollar coin or up to do so and the funds go towards a job social outing or some local community fund. I don't believe one should really worry because some of the best techie companies in the world have execs that wear casual in the office and only pull out the suites well some of them when necessary I think uber cool comes down to confidence and the quality of ones work or job performance


Yep if you dress them up right - nice shoes and a jacket etc. They also have to be a decent cut and wash, not fraying with holes. Most jeans are pretty stylish, comfortable and flattering too - win/win

Yay! I like win-win - thanks!!!!


I think some of the darker jeans you can deft dress up enough... but not the lightly coloured ones

My thought exactly, Anna.

I definitely agree too, darker jeans more options go with


Dark colors yes with a great pair of boots light color jeans i don't think so


As long as they are smart, and combined with a smart shirt - no reason why not.


I guess I got my answer: last night I watched President Putin arrive in Ireland for the latest sumit wearing jeans! He was wearing a suit for the press conference with President Obama though ...


I think so, there is so many different styles and fabrics now that i think some look very classy. I notice a lot more people dressing in a smart pair of jeans and can pull off the exec look :)


They certainly can. It depends on the cut and the wearer.......... Big sized cannot fit into small size jeans............ builders cracks and muffin tops are not appealing


I think it also depends on the industry. Certainly in the movie industry this can be done, and done well. Maybe not in banking, but seriously, who wants to be in banking anyway?


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